Let the music play…

We are all sick and shut in with a nasty flu…Time to showcase some friends !

I loVe music!  I am a proud child of the 70’s and did my share of dancing and discoing… I had grandparents who loved jazz and have met several musicians through their associations.  Check out some of the beats on EJ’s FLAVORS…I have been on his site eversince I discovered it almost a long year ago when I discovered blogging



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12 responses to “Let the music play…

  1. Oh no. You’re sick? Aren’t you on a countdown to come to America?
    I came to say come on down to Texas for a visit. We can play ART together. And also to say Thank you for all the wonderful things you say when you stop by. Love hearing from you.

  2. GC

    how are you feeeeeeeeeling?
    Glad you have each other but so sorry to hear you’re sick. Hope you feel like your old selves real soon.

  3. aww. I hope the flu pass really quickly and you feel better soon

  4. Hope you feel better soonxx

  5. the flu sucks…get over it before you come to the good ole US of A!!!!

  6. Noooo, sweetie, say it ain’t so, sick again? You have not had good health luck this winter, babe. I totally love your anniversary photo and would love you to post one sitting same way but taken now. Take one without any kids and one with. And what a coolio scrapbook page would that make????? You know it! Please rest and get well and take your meds!

  7. Hi again from Norway – long time no see – sorry!
    Hope you’ll feel better soon and remember: Of all the things that doesn’t help for sickness, wishy might be the best!
    Happy weekend!
    Btw: I saw at Mrs. Lifecruiser that we are both an A-Team Cruisers. Looking forward to travel with you and the rest of the crew:-)

  8. Your blog has certainly taken off. I love those pop ups.
    I can see why you fell for that cute guy (and he for you!)
    Get well soon.

  9. GC

    Are you STILL sick? Still in quarantine? That doesn’t sound like just the flu. Hope y’all are hanging in there. Wishing you health!

  10. Awww… I was sick too and still not really 100%

    Hope you feel better 🙂

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