I am HOME!!!!

button_insurgent1.gifI am such a Swede at heart.

I SO missed my family, my blog and my simple life!  I love all of you that wrote me while I was sick and unable to blog!  You are such great friends and I am getting up Saturday morning to visit EVERYone of you (before the stepson gets online, LOL!)

P.S.  I spent several hundred dollars on the kids ( skateboard gear, sneakers candy…and jeans…)  They had the nerve to fight over a box of CAP’N CRUNCH that I brought back for a friend!?  Go figure????



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4 responses to “I am HOME!!!!

  1. Welcome home Seester!!!! 🙂

    So there was a war over Cap’n Crunch? LOL! Can’t says I can blame the kiddos though. That was MY favorite when I was little!

  2. Be glad that it was the content in that box and not just the box as it use to be with the wrapper of gifts when it comes to kids. They use to enjoy the wrapper more than the gift insidde too 😉

  3. Is that like when they’re toddlers and play with the box instead of the present? Actually, I’d probably be trying to sneak the Cap’n Crunch too – although it’s not Sugar Corn Pops, it’s still pretty darn good! Welcome home.

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