Hello, Everyone! Back from Magsjuka


That’s a stomach virus that is floating about here in the great thawing north… I’ll let you guess where these flames were coming from.

The step son was injured on the job and has been keeping his dear old dad company on the net…from my position on the flight deck.  ( He was jack hammering dried cement from a vat, and the vat tipped over with him in it…) Needless to say, It has been a fight for computer, but the hubbs bought a wireless laptop and I thought my problems were solved…WRONG!!!!  They BOTH logged on and SAT NEXT TO EACH OTHER SURFING!  I almost spontaneously combusted. 

 Instead, I came up with a stomach virus that flattened me (or kept me on the porcelain throne) for the whole week.  The laptop was FANTASTIC and nobody came in to get it from me!  The Hubbs had to do ALL the cooking to keep from spreading the virus.  He really is a good cook!   I think I may have lost a few kilos, too as I didn’t eat much, had no Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup ( my version of antibiotics) or Tucks!   I managed to get a few loads of laundry done during my meditation times, too!  🙂


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10 responses to “Hello, Everyone! Back from Magsjuka

  1. LOL, hope this week is better for you!

  2. Hope you are better soon.

  3. dav8rslilsis

    Yikes! Hope you’re feeling soon. That sounds just awful!

  4. Oh girl…I am praying for you like for real. My family has all gone through it too. Luckily it skipped me though. I tell you that mess is NO JOKE!!!!

    Oh gosh…get better like NOW kay?


  5. Good to know you are back, but said to hear you had this stomach problems afterwards. But then again you have all this lovely memories, so I guess it was worth it:-)

  6. Hi, Glad you’re off the throne. Your trip sure was a quickie. But glad to hear that you will be back in April.
    So, you think you like the doodle best because…..of what is there or not there….Well I just posted another purse. Maybe you will like it.
    You are so fun.

  7. GC

    glad you’re better
    they’d have had to crown you if you’d stayed in there any longer.

    um, why don’t you just start get really ignorant about the computer and start grabbing it and saying “mine” a lot?

  8. Ouch! I hope you stay well now! It’s an order 😉

    Have you begin to pack your bags for the cyber cruise yet?

    I’ve written a post about the cyber cruise schedule – remember: the cruise starts now the 16th of March. There are a lot of interesting destinations booked in already!

    Let me know if you still want to host a day – see the post for the available dates.

    BTW: Why not start ahead with the cruise in that sense that we all post about what we’re all packing for the cruise on this thursday?

    For the ones that participating in Thursday thirteen they could make it a 13 list!

    In this way we also get some more “advertising” for the cruise. It would be fun to have as many as possible with us on the cruise 😀

    We’ve already spoken about advertising it in the Wordless Wednesday posts, but it can never be done enough 🙂

  9. Now there’s a real dedicated blogger for you…someone with the flu, sitting on the throne and typing away. Multi-tasking at its worst and its best! Hope the nasty bugs have flown the coop and that you’re feeling better as the days go by.

  10. Now THAT’s a “DIE with a T” which works. Hope you get better!

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