Cyber Fun or not…

In a slightly campy vein is the Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise which is leaving the 16th of March!  Hop on over and see some fantiastic sights and enjoy the gambling, drinks and socialization!  There are several international ports of call beginning here in Sweden ( ahem) and including the Carribean, Alaska, Italy and lots of other destinations.

In an EVEN campier vein is this video, stolen from Fresh @ Crunk & Disorderly.   I want to know who in their right mind lets a child go this far…and further more…WHERE are his parents???*

I got a new toytvatt-mach.jpg!!!

…I can be sure that there will be at least ONE person out there that will feel my pain, ok 2 if you include Hattie and the Costco fiasco and my cyber sister, Rose who knows what it is like to wash for a tribe and have the machine go down….

On an EVEN LOWER note…File this one under ” his dad should hung around a little more often”…A disgrace to say the least…  The Rhodes Scholarship committee must have missed his submission.*

* Thanks to C&D for the cannon fodder!



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7 responses to “Cyber Fun or not…

  1. Makes you seriously wonder about parents, huh??
    I wanna go on a cruise SO bad. Let’s all grab our crusin clothes, kick up our feet, and grab a margarita to enjoy the ride! LOL

  2. Ah, since it is a fantasy cyber cruise, we don’t need to bother about distances, so you can choose from the dates: 23, 27, 28, 29, 30 of March. Just tell me which one you want. And if you want more than one port. (Maybe you have some other wellknown places to show us?)

    (Have you got my earlier email with the all suggestions of things you could show us?)

  3. Hey! I’m sorry to hear you all were so sick! I’ve been a sewing fiend lately and haven’t had time to catch up on my blog reading. I’ve updated my blog with pictures of your bag. It is sooo sweet and it matches! Head over there and tell me what you think.

  4. dav8rslilsis

    Ack! I tried to view the video but it has been removed! And as for that man who doesn’t know what a condom is or how to keep his business in his pants, Shame shame shame! I don’t even know what to say.

  5. Hmm. Lots of little kiddies and lots of little STDs.
    Anyway, I like your full service blog with the cool pop-ups.

  6. I hope that you are having a fun CyberCruise. 🙂

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