Mamma’s got a brand new bag! / RAK for your special someone!

I am a bag addict.  Paper, plastic, leather I love them all!

When I discovered that Heather (aka Little Miss Muffett) made custom totes, I immediately ordered one!  I loved it so much I ordered another one!

I don’t have a sewing machine and I wanted a messenger style bag that I could use for my scrap supplies without pulling out the luggage that I HAD to have when I was a consultant with another company that shall remain nameless.  My biggest mistake was in not selling back my inventory before I resigned.  My second biggest mistake was keeping the supplies instead of RAK-ing them out. 

I received a fabulous box of supplies from Cynthia ( I AM A COCONUT!)  I was so touched by the amount of stuff she sent to me, I immediately decided to continue the tradition and pay it forward!

I am going to reduce my stash and prepare a box of much loved supplies to go to someone that dosen’t have connections to freebies or wants to learn to scrapbook/ alter journals.  These are not top of the line items or necessarily something I want to get rid of , but sometimes it feels good to do something nice for someone else!  Postage is a small fortune from Sweden, so I will not be sending it out until the beginning of May when I travel back to the US…

If you know someone that would like a box of goodies, send me an note on this post and I will pick a winner from the entries!4635d2m8sx73bq.gif



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14 responses to “Mamma’s got a brand new bag! / RAK for your special someone!

  1. Ship Ahoy! Time for some heavy seightseeing of Stockholm! All man on deck!

  2. Hi! I don’t have any connections to freebies and I’ve never done any scrapbooking. I don’t live in the States though so does that disqualify me from entering? I live next door in Finland. (So surface postage should be cheap. At least one would think so, but who knows.)

  3. What a bag – no wonder you are addicted. Great to see you on Lifecruisers Cyber Cruise:-)

  4. It is nice to see you again. I guess I have to update my links

  5. Happy to see you liked Waterloo ! Hope you kept at least the art work of your little artists on your wall ! For the future, you never know. A lot of artist only became famous at the end of their lives !

  6. Come and see my new sexy dress, I’m ready to go out for dinner and see the nightlife in Barcelona! Bring me some more Cava!

  7. GC

    wow, you are B to the Izzay. You don’t be up in this piece no more.

  8. Lettin’ yer shipmates on th’ ship do all th’ dirty work without ye, diggin’ th’ booty hole fer th’ buccanneers? Shame on ye!

    Do nay forget t’ swear an’ be naughty sea dogs an’ land lubbers!

    Ya horn swollgin’ scallywag!

  9. girl you know i can always use more junk for my stash…as if….lol

  10. OH my goodness, freebies! I’m here and want to be put into the draw.

  11. Sharon:
    I would be honored to IMAGINE I had something you wanted!

  12. Your email address didn’t show up on my blog and I can’t find it on your blog so I can’t send you my snail mail address.

  13. Anna

    I’m a homeschooling mom of 7, scrapper, and quilter….my scrapbook stuff is low…share it w/the kiddies…so I would love some new stuff for me.

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