Artsymama invites all to show off their TEA


I forgot the TEA PARTY at Artsymama’s.  For all of us crafty spirits Artsymama is a legend in the creative realm and I cannot figure out how in hades she does it all!  I am so envious and my dream is to participate in one of her projects…Maybe in the fall, after I get some home help with Mica… This is where I learned of the inspiration for the book of dreams!woman1_high_res.jpg



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5 responses to “Artsymama invites all to show off their TEA

  1. Beautiful teacup! I have a spot in my heart for teacups. I barely made the tea party but didn’t get a chance to go to but one or two. I’m hoping over the weekend I’ll get a chance to show up late.
    You my girlfriend need to be doodling. You have all the stuff it sounds like. You didn’t mention paper but I’m sure you have an old empty journal or calendar.
    I just love all your visits. You give me so much mojo with all you say. My head is way big. I’m off now working on another purse.

  2. Wandering in from Artsy Mama’s tea party. Rather late I know. I tried to read your little intro about yourself but your tea cup photo kept hogging the page! Regardless, sounds like we have a lot in common. I know about teenagers who think their mother is embarrassing. I consider it part of my job – I even have a button that says it’s so! Busy today, but I hope to come back and visit for a longer time at a later date.

  3. That is a lovely tea cup. Honestly I’ve never been to tea parties and I would love to attend one!

  4. Hei, Regina, takk for besøket på bloggen min.
    Mike&Ikes var virkelig farlig gode! Jeg har oppdaget at Deli de Luca (7Eleven-liknende butikkjede i Norge) har masse amerikansk “candy”, deriblant Mike&Ikes! Så hvis du skal til Oslo en gang, får du hamstre. Koster masse, men oh, så godt! 🙂

  5. I love it, very cute, devin breaks all my nice stuff, so nothing every comes out of the cabinet, lol

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