I am in love…


I’m gonna have to add another name to the loooong list of men I am going to leave The Hubbs for… Talk about the apple falling far from the tree!  For those of you that don’t know…THIS is ALAN Thicke’s son…His name is Robin Thicke and the man can SANG!!!!!

 I just downloaded his new album ” The evolution of Robin Thicke ” to my Ipod…

In the great words of The Beastie Boys ” No sleep till Brooklyn…!”



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15 responses to “I am in love…

  1. No contribution to the Lifecruisers Crazy Hat Parade yet? *lol*

  2. dav8rslilsis

    Ahhhh…I listened to Lost Without You every day of the week last week. Is that the name of the last song? He is very sexy. When I first head about him I couldn’t believe he was Alan Thicke’s son and did my share of research to confirm.

  3. LOVE ROBIN THICKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Whoa…Momma like…..rowwwrrrrr!

  5. ooooooooo girl he is HAWT!!!!! my goodness….i’ll have to check out his music and put some on my ipod as well

  6. GC

    I will not lick my screen. I will not lick my screen. I will not lick my screen. I will not lick my screen. I will not lick my screen. I will not lick my screen. I will not lick my screen. I will not lick my screen. I will not lick my screen.

    I give up.

  7. We want to see that Lapland hat anyway even if it isn’t you in it 🙂

  8. well I have to agree with your taste in men – MMMM!!
    and thank you for linking to my little blog.

  9. He sure is Yummy!

    About your question on my blog:I do not scrap digital,so i am afraid i can’t help you.The photo editing i do sometimes,i do with photoshop.Sorry i can’t help any further.

  10. He certainly is YUMMY!
    (btw, I do digital scrapbooking)

  11. Thanks for stopping by my place. Did you get a chance to look at some of the altered art there? We might have to work out an ATC trade.

    Mr. Thicke is indeed adorable but since I have grandsons that are probably older than he is I’ll leave that tasty morsel to you “young-uns”.


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  13. Darla: A girl is never too old to dream!
    Twisted: I am on my way back to you!

  14. jo

    hi there! I’m a new visitor… I just had to comment – Robin Thicke sure is a hottie… You just reminded me to download his album right now…

    Oh and here’s some useless knowledge — he did a lot of writing and producing before he hit it big now… He wrote most of that British boyband BBMak’s 1st album. No lie. 🙂 He’s come a long way since then…

    Have a great day!

  15. Jo: your blog only allows blogspot commenters…send me your email addy!

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