Thank you for the memories!


I am a shipwrecked mate from Lifecruisers

I cannot get Robin T. out of my ears…robin1.jpg

The kids martial arts uniforms need to be washed

.kendrick-green.jpg..but I have a question…

There are certain songs that bring back memories.  You KNOW which ones I am talking about! When ever I hear Chris De Burgh’s Lady in Red…I am transported back to the first black tie event The Hubbs and I went to and I was 5’11 with 3″ heels; no junk in my trunk and 137 lbs. of condensed dynamite!!!


When I hear Van Morrison’s Have I told you Lately( that I love you) I am IMMEDIATELYtaken  back to the second black tie event where we were now married and I remember that this song played at our first event…sigh.  We were double income, no kids in a condo and partying at Emerald City at least twice a month…

Fast forward 18 years, 4 kids, 2 dogs; an ungrateful cat; a motorcycle( the Hubbs’ early mid life crisis toy);a move 3,847 miles away from America and a foreign language phobia.  I still have a great love for music and want to know what moves YOU!? 

My favorite music jumps from 2Pac to Sanne NielsonThe Notorious B.I.G. to Yanni and Andrea Bochelli; Sam Cooke;Justin Timberlake and Aretha Franklin…I love the Maranatha Singers ” He has made me Glad and on my ipod, it just may follow Nate Dogg or Eminem…Right now ” Night Fever” is playing and I am feeling that Jersey step that John Travolta made famous!, LOL!

What do you like?



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7 responses to “Thank you for the memories!

  1. I love Freddy Mercury (Barcelona) and all his other songs, it makes me shiver. I love Elton John, Elvis Presley and Robby Williams. I love Celine Dion, Whitney Huston and Barbara Streisand and surely I forgot some. My first favourite was Elvis when I was 13, I loved his songs but not the guy !

  2. The winner of the crazy hat patade is announced!

    Don’t miss the new port tomorrow – Iceland – or the new event on Wednesday – 1 photo from somewhere you’ve been and have strong memories from – beautiful or whatever.

  3. And I have the honor to carry you (as a shipwrack) to the market in Brussels, lol ! Hope I will not collapse !

  4. Robin T is hot and is that you on the picture. You look hot girl!

  5. i like a variety of music….from jazz to R 7B to hip hop to country….

    Lady in Red…agh! how I love that song!!

  6. GC

    I am here from the Feline Anti-Defamation league on behalf of your cat!
    but I like a lot of stuff too. Was just on the phone this morning yakking away about folk music and how good some Tracy Chapman is, reminiscing about Arrested Development, and wondering what happened to Joan Osborne. Joan Baez is alright. Robin Thicke, though, for me he is just eye candy. Sorry. 😦

  7. I don’t really listen to music when I’m alone. I like the silence. I get to listen to my son’s guitar playing and whatever he is listening to when he is at home (from classics to metal).

    What martial arts do your children take?

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