ATC’s for a swap…

atc-3.jpgatc-4.jpgThe theme was something music related. 

I had been thinking of this project for a long time. taken out stamps, papers etc.  When the time came to produce I drew a blank.  Where did I lay my book of inspiration?  What happened to journaling my ideas in a book so when the time came, I could think back and say ” oh, yeah! now I remember!”…zip, nada…ingenting…zero, siltch…Well I tried.  This is the second project I have started to work on since I no longer have to nap with Micha…  can you say: FUN!? : )

atc-2.jpg Miss Maxine ( who is my muse personified, were I alive in the 1900’s) is my favorite image.   This was to be her debut at an opera, but  but due to the dimentionality ( is that a word?) of the flowers it looks blury on the scanner… and I forgot to put the intro banner UNDER the sold out one….sigh. ( armchair quarterbacking is on the increase!)

The forth cardatc-5.jpg was a cartoon from an old paper someone traded me.  Her name was Lorna Drake(?) and I forgot to put the words diva in training on the side…oh well. 



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6 responses to “ATC’s for a swap…

  1. LOVE them!! They look great!!!

  2. They look really nice! It gives you the feeling of the old times as well!

  3. I think they are just marvelous – thanks for sharing!

  4. Ada

    Great layouts! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments :).


  5. lb

    I’m in a trade of 10 right now. Check out my site!
    please convo me there I’d like to spend more time on looking at your cards.

  6. lb

    in case you didn’t receive site address

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