I was hopping over at Renny’s and discovered what today’s challenge is!   A-Team Cruisers are to put up a memorable photo from a place we have strong memories of.   My friends had a time share in Aruba.  aruba.jpgThe Hubbs and I were invited to join them for a week of relaxation.  As Airline employees (ok, management:)) we had boarding perks and used them to muscle our way on the flight.   Upon arriving, we discovered that several of our co-workers found out about our plans to use the time share and they flew down on another airline!    We ended up having a fantastic time and also learned to keep a bag packed in your office at all times!   There was lots of tequila, casinos and sunning on the beach or balcony!

 A year later, here came the twins…AH, the stuff of memories!

(yes, the dog went too!



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6 responses to “ARUBA!!!!!

  1. Sounds like wayyy too much fun 😉

  2. Well, at that time, I think I could accept to be a “passenger”.

    Happy Easter and cruise and …;))

  3. man how fabulous is that….i wish i had a time share somewhere like that…lots of crown for this girl though…can’t do ta-kill-ya….i got sick one good time on that shit and that will NEVER happen again

  4. Sounds and looks like you had a blast – thanks for sharing this exciting memories with us and send me greetings to the twins:-)
    Btw; Thanks for plugging me!

  5. GC

    wow, nice, very nice. spontaneity. nice. Wish I could be spontaneous.
    on another note,
    um, big up the twins.Woot! Gotta represent those wing-clippers. You’ll be glad when you see how much nursing homes cost and they have to rotate keeping the two of youse at their homes.

  6. ahh looks like such fun.. I have pre-twin pictures like that myself 🙂 you and the hubs look so cute together 🙂

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