Hi ho, hi ho…it’s off 2 shop I go! LifeCruiser Extravaganza!

Todays mission is that the cybercruisers have to shop for the upcoming ball…

Now being the shopaholic I am this is not difficult. The real problem comes when I try to get my 5′ 11 size 10,5 wearing shoe self into something…slinky!  There is slinky and then there is…

Off to one of my favorite stores: SAK’s Fifth Avenue!!! sfa.jpg BOOYAH!   A word to the wise, never try on a slinky dress after eating 2 Nathan’s hotdogs and a half order of fries…You develop “pockets” where you had none before… Anyway after 5 floors and 7 departments, I couldn’t find a damn thing.  My feet were beginning to hurt so I decided it was better to pay attention to them since I had to walk off the “dogs”. (*sidebar: New York has the BEST hotdogs in the world!  If you have never had one, you cannot go on thinking you have lived well, LOL!*)  One of the most insane and creative things I had ever done (read: before a husband and kids) was that I once took a personal leave of absence from my managerial wh%&e management job to work the Christmas holidays At Sak’s!    It was one of the most wonderful thing I had done up to that point!  I saw celebs out the yingyang and of course, store policy was that you could be fired for gawking or asking for an autograph…I scored my first designer wallet and i was hooked!  It was a Louis Vuitton and I wore that baby OUT!!!  I saw Kim Basinger, Robert DeNiro and I think some big singer but I can’t remember who it was because at the 9-5 wh%&e management job, part of my duties was sucking up to percieved VIP’s when they decided to lower themselves and fly commercial…(note to self:  If they were REALLY high end, they woulda had their own means of transpo…not bumming a ride with the commercial air bus, LMAO!)

Since I always have problems with my feet ( and the new knee)  I decided to spoil myself and buy something decadent;

shoe.jpgThese are as fierce as fierce can be and I tried them on and had to get a size 11… but who cares, when you can rock the Christian Louboutin Mary Janes you learn to choose your steps lightly.wisely… Next We stopped by

harry-winston.jpgWhere I just had to have something to go with my new shoes.    It is nice to have access to the plane when I needed it…:) Keeping in the spirit of the color, green  I was able to find harry-winston2.jpgsomething to tie in with the theme.  This is a lavish soiree so not to be out done by the Lifecruisers, I chose this little baby as back up…moall-tiaras.jpg…Brang it on, Everybody!  I am ready for my close up!

One more thing for the rest of the ballers that are going…amexblack.jpgDON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT!


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7 responses to “Hi ho, hi ho…it’s off 2 shop I go! LifeCruiser Extravaganza!

  1. Thanks for the tip as I now know how to find Cinderella at the ball:-)

  2. Hand me some of that HOT DOGS before I starve to death by heavy shopping! Phew!

    I think this must have been our toughest mission so far!!!!

    Great shopping thinking of you, I suspect that you’ll surprise us all, no, dazzle us….

  3. This is so hot! And yes that Black American Express card. I heard that it is unlimited credits right ?

  4. GC

    so did you buy that bag?
    don’t know if I mentioned over at your other blog but there are 2 gorgeous gorgeous bags at nine west right now on SALE for $19.99 each and I am dying to have them. I’ve slept on it for 2 nights and I think today is the day.

  5. Wow Gina, that sounds like a GREAT shopping trip! Love those shoes:D

  6. Let me know if you’re having problem with the ball dress, need any help choosing or maybe to pull up the zipper? Or to giggle over some bubble water while doing the make up!

    I love this cruise ball! The magician is a cool guy really, even though he has done some tricks with my dress several times already….


    PS. Be aware, my best friend Miss Ass. Lifecruiser is arriving in your town today and will stay for a while…. *lol*

  7. Bonjour!

    merci beaucoup for your sweet comment!

    I’m so happy!

    Bonne journée!


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