300 years and counting!

uncle-carl.jpgCarl von Linne´(aka Carl Linnaues) is widely recognized as the father of taxonomy and is widely considered responsible for naming, ranking, and classifying plants and organisms!  There  are lots of celebrations here in Sweden to honor Carl and now i am working on some scrapbook pages to showcase my plant photos and remember some of the events we plan on seeing!  Carl lived in Uppsala for a few years after he was made a member of the aristocracy and there are museums dedicated to him and the plants he has identified and categorized.  I NEVER thought in a million years, that I would be interested in this kind of thing, but that is one of the great things about living in Sweden, their celebration of every and all things Swedish! Anyways, a friend sent me a newspaper from Uppsala that offered lots of info on goings on and future plans.  It will be nice to photograph the flowers and use them in my scrapbooks.  I love photographing flowers because they never complain when you ask them to keep still…they never care if this is their “good” side or if i’m making them look fat.  The paper also inspired me to start on some ATC’s for my collection, they are  in the beginning stages on the paper…book7.jpg.I’m starting on another altered book.  This is a cookbook that I purchased when the local market was going out of business and they wanted to unload them!  I paid maybe 4 dollars for it, but it is large spiral ring, heavy cardstock and oaktag paper!  I didn’t know then, but this baby was begging to be altered!!!  I started glueing the pages together, then chose which sides I wanted to keep and applied gesso to the rest.  Some of the photographs are so beautiful, I could not think about altering them…especially the strawberries…That is sacrilegeous!book4.jpgbook5.jpg

Next I started trying to figure out what the theme of the book was, when suddenly it came to me!  This is my book of Uncle Carl!  I started with floral stamps and began adding a little color here and there… this is one of the ones I started but unfortunately after a glass of wine, I got the brilliant idea that yellow somehow worked here…book2.jpg.  Out from under the influence, i have decided to try and sand paper it off a little later…win some, lose some…

I’ve got lots of fantastic floral vintage scraps that I have been saving.  book112.jpg

 I purchased lots of them on Tradera here in Sweden and  the ladies at the local flea market usualy save them for me( there may be a worldwide shortage someday and a girl has to have her stash!.  There were several more pages but I can’t get them to minimize enough to publish…

BTW…Does anyone recognize this container?book8.jpg

I thought it was Limoges china, but It is not marked so but it has this marking on itbook9.jpg

Have a great and craftful weekend!



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3 responses to “300 years and counting!

  1. craftygallinda

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your great input about how you find time to create. I’m not a morning person but I do see the benefits of getting up before everyone else to have some time to yourself. I do that late at night some times but being a night owl doesn’t exactly work when you have a husband and children. 🙂


  2. GC

    glad to hear the epidemic is over and you are back to crafting. How’s everybody doing? Good as new?
    Every now and then I feel inspired to try crafting–that yellow that didn’t quite work out was one such moment–go figure. Maybe knowing crafty people sometimes have to change stuff? Some of those scrappers seem so perfect sometimes. Thanks for posting something you plan to change.

  3. Hi Regina!
    I wanted to thank you for your lovely comments on my blog (re: my tip in pages)
    I have enjoyed looking through your blog as well! 🙂 I love your latest project and look forward to seeing how it will progress!
    I’ll be back to visit soon! 🙂
    Susan Chong
    aka The Artful Mama

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