It’s a wrap…


Out for 10 days to the You Nighted States of America!

Hollah back!



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7 responses to “It’s a wrap…

  1. Oooohh anyway hope you are doing well on your vacay!

  2. Well I for one am rolling out the Welcome Mat. Be sure to tell us all about your trip.


  3. Just when I make it back, you’re gone! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and I’ll be sure to check in and read all about it when you return.

  4. A belated bon voyage. I just got back from the Mainland myself, where I was able to welcome my second granddaughter who is, of course, perfect, just like my first granddaughter!

  5. GC

    technically, you should be back. How was your trip?

  6. Excellent! If you go over to my blog, you can see a picture of moi at the Skagit Valley, Washinton, tulip festival!

  7. Sorry. I screwed up the blog link. This should work.

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