New products are not helping me create


I brought a Crop-a-Dile,THE MOTHER OF ALL SCRAPBOOKING/MESSENGER BAGS!!moab1.jpgmoat2.jpg

AVAILABLE AT Thanks to Heather, AGAIN! This is a fabulous bag with several elasticized pockets, an adjustable strap, D rings and metal feet AND a zipper compartment!  ( Notice the subtle choice of colors again…so reflective of my demure tastes…mwahhhhaaahhh!)  several pounds of cardstock and printed paper : Once upon a time, Far East, Mat Stacks( in all 3 sizes, mind you)……several pounds of buttons ( my drug of choice 🙂 ) ; embellishments that I think ONLY I own for a 25 mile radius ( except I shared half with Jeanette!); stamps and emobssing supplies and a ton of vintage ephemera that I scored late on night on an EBAY binge…   I hit several artists’ sites and purchased original art ( for inspiration and to support my fellow addicts!  I purchased flowers from Prima to sell in my online store and had to leave over half of them because of the weight of the glass jars…sigh.  I have an awful headache and everyone is sick with a spring cold…  I thought I was lacking the tools to be creative, but now that they are here, what is my excuse?  prima2.jpg

Anyone got an extra muse they could loan me?   I swear I will send it back within 2 weeks!!!

I envy people that can just sit and produce something.  My friend Jeanette has a gift for making cards from old things we find at the flea market, photos and scraps of paper…Here is an examplecards1.jpg. Usually a vintage photo, some old jewelery bits or beads ribbons and flowers and voila!  ( I swear I will send the muse back in 12 days!!!)



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4 responses to “New products are not helping me create

  1. The products look really nice. Ooohh I dig messenger bags!

  2. I have an awful headache and everyone is sick with a spring cold… I am just getting over it. The cold that went around the world…
    Crafts seem so fun, but where I live in Hawaii they don’t fly. Too much humidity and salt, especially right near the water, where I live. It’s no good here for knitting, either, because it’s too warm for sweaters and such. So we grow orchids, do flower arrangements, make leis, etc. and in general stick to natural materials. Local artists paint and make things from wood and clay. There are quilters. And my mother in law did feather lei making, which is too small and precise for me. Too much like sewing, which drives me mad and is one thing I have no patience for. I like working in freer ways. Have not done anything in quite a while, though. If I did, it would probably be a composition or collage in natural materials.

  3. My Muse finally kicked in and stuck around long enough for me to alter a book that I’m sending round to a group of friends. (see blog a couple of days ago)

    You can borrow her if you want althoough she can be a lazy ol’ gal from time to time.

    I’m not one who can create just any old time either. I need a “purpose”, like making a card for a specific occasion, making an ATC to trade, making an altered book to share.

    Your bag looks great and like a good way to stay organized.


  4. Well then, OK, I’m afraid norah’S just a little too busy at the moment. But you know I could always send a bit of her magic… this….( )..there, she has done it. Now all you have to do is go and get out one thing that you want to play ART with and she will do the rest. Because here is how she works. I start the one thing and while I’m trying to concentrate on that one thing, she is busy lining up the next thing to do to it. So I do. Then while I’m concentrating on that, she has another thing ready. Before you know it, she will back off and say, “all done”.

    We both just love your visits and all of your many wonderful complimenting comments.

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