I bet you thought I was going to mention Robin Thicke again!

robin1.jpgMy first vendor table is tomorrow! 

I will be sharing a table with Jeanette and her fabulous cards tomorrow at the town street fair!  This is my first attempt to unload  sell the stuff I have accumulated.  I am beginning with my scrapbook supplies.  This market has evolved SO fast that we are back to square one, the proverbial 3 ring binder!    I received a digital program for Christmas and with a 14″ stack of printed paper and card stock on the shelf  behind me, I can no longer sleep at night.     Altered Art is my new passion and although scrapbooking will always be my first love, I don’t want to devote the space to thousands of doodads anymore…

Actually, I’m lying.  I really want to buy new supplies but have to get rid of these first.

The truth ( and some good sales) will set me free! 



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7 responses to “I bet you thought I was going to mention Robin Thicke again!

  1. Make sure to take pics! 😉

  2. Why do I never get to see things that you make?

  3. It was a bomb!
    Almost a perfect waste of a partly cloudy sporadic drizzle day. the only thing that made it worse was the fact that we spent $55.00 on pizza for the kids tonight and they were so full of junk and sugar from the fair, that they couldn’t eat dinner…sigh…Thanks for asking!

  4. Helloooo Soul Glo (love that name)
    So glad you crashed at my place for a minute 🙂 Yes that’s the real deal from the Queen’s garden party. Fun isn’t it? Not that I went… sigh. My husband brought that home for me.
    I’ve only read your first page, but I get your humor!! I am so coming back! Ahh, I see you know NorahS! I was wondering how you found me!
    I’m off to pour myself a “3 hours past 5’0clock” drink now. Catch you on the flip side.

  5. Do you have a weekly market where you can set up shop? Often I will not buy the first time I see merchandise but may go back and get things later.

  6. Sorry to hear the sales weren’t better. I guess the old “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” might work here. Is there another venue where you can set up and sell?


  7. GC

    gah! he’s everywhere. I can’t escape Robin Thicke.

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