Make-up Mother’s day! The Farm Fest

The twins went into the city to go shopping by themselves on Tuesday.  This was a first for them and I actually felt comfortable letting them go alone by train.  Normally I would find a way to stick myself in there, but they wanted to shop for clothes and unless you have had brain surgery without anesthesia, you cannot know how horrible this is.  First all of the kids in Europe wear the tightest jeans to be had.  Then said jeans are slung low on the ass, so you can see their underwear…(boys, only…thank GOD!).  No matter how hot it is, never be seen without your hooded sweatjacket.  The came back with a portable radio CD player for my create space and a pair of silver earrings!  You gotta love kids with a conscience…at least they are not completely hardened!

bd-boy.jpgThe BIL celebrated his 40th birthday saturday which meant it was a command performance for all relatives… all of the adults had dress clothes on …the kids all looked like carbon copies of each other.    The chicken had so much salt in it, I almost passed out from high blood pressure.  Everyone complained ( on the down low, mind you…it was after all, “free”) but the trays were empty by the time the coffee started to flow.   Better still, I was ready to go, having arrived to the kids telling me that Farmor had said something about me in the car relating to the fact that I was not ready yet…(sidebar: it is officially war.)outlaws.jpgSpeak of the devil…

I hate forced interaction.  I have so many things to do at home, I would not come out normally except to go to the store or grill, lol!  I hate farms, animals ( YES it stunk!) listening to conversation I don’t understand and missing Without a Trace!

I did manage to get a little artsy stuff done…photos as soon as I can free them from Adobe…



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6 responses to “Make-up Mother’s day! The Farm Fest

  1. can’t wait to see the artsy fartsy stuff….
    girl i am rolling over here in the US at the thought of you passing out from the salt…that is freaking funny

  2. GC

    sorry “missing without a trace”? what do you mean?

    When I was a teenager I had no budget to be shopping much less bringing home stuff for mom regardless of conscience. Do you want to adopt me?

  3. See there, those kids in the low slung jeans and hoodies can still be thoughtful from time to time. Its even sweeter when it comes as a surprise don’t you think?

    Hope to see your latest creations soon.


  4. It was about a year ago when, my then 16 year old, wanted to go to the ‘city’ by train with a friend. I knew that he was probably one of the few his age who hadn’t gone ‘alone’ yet and he came up with 3 good reasons why he should be allowed to go. 1)He wasn’t going alone. 2)He and this friend had been taking martial arts, so he could stand up for himself. 3)He’d be going alone in the fall when he started school there. Number 3 was the most convincing! It took a few months to get used to it and until I read your entry I hadn’t realized that I don’t even think about him going there alone anymore. Sigh. Our babies grow up.

  5. GC
    The kids received money for their birthday. This ´was a first for them (and me) I hear you with the no budget as a teen and sorry, I’m on the official countdown for when I can celebrate empty nest and it WAS to be when I turned 30!!! I’m overdue for comfort and aloneness!

  6. Err, there are some girls here in England who go around with their backsides hanging out – not a pretty sight I can tell you, lol!!

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