Surfing the internet, finding cool new people

I was visiting ephemera (see side links) and found several other vintage collectors and started looking at their things.  Check out Tikiranch.  There is a cool collection of signage and other 60’s type collector items.  The SWAPATORIUM had the coolest 1960’s soap coupons!  I remember seeing these in my grandmothers kitchen drawer when I was small…I used to match them up in pairs, not knowing she had them sorted for usage.  She just liked to save them because she said having lived through the Great Depression when everything was rationed, she believed they would have a value later in life.   When she passed away, I forgot to look for them as there was other family living in the house and I did not want to rummage. 

I would love to find some of these…off to Ebay to feed my curiosity!



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5 responses to “Surfing the internet, finding cool new people

  1. lol, don’t have too much fun on ebay girl! lol

  2. Hello
    Thanks for the post about my blog. I have a whole bag of those coupons send me your address and I will mail you some.

  3. Ah…if we knew then what would have sentimental value to us now, a lot more of us would have raided gramdmothers’ drawers and cupboards!

  4. craftygallinda

    Thanks for the cool link. I love those old coupons. Now I’m on the haunt to find some.


  5. Oooh! Thanks for sending me over to Swapatorium! My cuppa tea!!!! You know I loves me some ephemera!!!!! And I love exclamation marks!!!! 🙂

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