Chunky book swap!

AT LAST!!! I am finally participating in one!  I have been so busy working on it that I have moved all of the supplies I need into a shopping bag so I can work outdoors when the kids have gone to bed!  It has been averaging high 80-90’s and without airconditioning…well let’s just say that we have had to turn up the refridgerator and the icecream truck was VERY popular on Monday!  I will post photo’s of the WIP asap…

In the is she out of her mind category:  Meet our newest arrival… 

Her name is Geisha and she is a Japanese Spets/ Papllion , what ever that is…?  She has a corkscrew tail and is SO tiny!  We already had a dog named Mulan so we went with Geisha to , well, you know why…  LiKE I DON*T HAVE ENOUGH ON MY PLATE!?  Thank God for Robin Thicke!


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7 responses to “Chunky book swap!

  1. Geisha is beautiful! When I see her I would want to have the same!

  2. Claudie; youalways find the most interesting things to write on! Can I come and visit you!!!???

  3. Tjena Gina – thanks for the visit on our hot summer day in Oslo – good to see you again:-)

    Geisha looks gorgeous – so cute – thanks for sharing!

  4. Tjena Gina, I read on Rennys blog that you’re going to Idre, maybe you get cooled down there 🙂 It’s almost like being abroad with this heatwave, isn’t it? *s*

    So, if you’re going away, we might only “see” each other some days before we leave for our summer vacation then, the 2d of July – 4 weeks.

    Oh, those puppies, they are hard to resist…. *s*

  5. Geisha is a sweetheart and I can see why you fell for her. Sometimes choices we make from the heart don’t need to make sense!

  6. Can’t wait to see your contribution to the chunky book swap. I did one of those once, maybe I’ll have to see if I can find it.

    Adorable pup!


  7. Geisha is so sweet. I found you through Darla. I too live in NJ.

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