Drat it! That Mrs. Life CruiSER!!!!!

I went back and read her blog AFTER I had initially did so ( youknow how we are with total daylight!  It is never too late to drop in on someone!).  I have been tagged with a birthday meme…sigh…I stopped counting at 26 a mere last year! 🙂


1587 English queen Elizabeth I signs Mary Stuart’s death sentence2)

1892 Mrs William Astor invites 400 guests to a grand ball at her mansion thus beginning the use of the “400” to describe the socially elite (  this is where the family REALLY became old money so to say)  LMAO!!  WE are STILL considered ” the TON” 3)

1980 Soap opera “Love of Life” ends a 28 year run My grandmother loved this show…I don’t remember it but she claims we watched it with her.  Maybe if someone mentioned the characters, It would shake a branch! 

Famous births or deaths on Feb 4th1)

1971 British car maker Rolls Royce declared itself bankrupt  I remember thinking but Uncle ___ has this car, has it died?  It was actually a mercedes benx but who knew?. LOL!

Rosa Parks and Dan Quayle both are borne Feb 4th, although not in the same year!

The little old lady that single handedly did what no one else could and the father of all spuds?!  go figure!!!
Sorry this is so sloppy, but i could not get the baby off of me and The Hubbs and the kids are watching James Bond movies that are $10.00 EACH every thursday at the largest grocery conglomerate rip off here in Scandinavia!!! The EEEKAAH, LOL!!!  You will never get me sued!  I am tagging :


M i c h e l l e


and  Aimslee!  PLEASE STOP TAGGING ME!! I really do have ocd and these things worry me to no end, lol!



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6 responses to “Drat it! That Mrs. Life CruiSER!!!!!

  1. Hi Gina! Nice to meet you. How does this tag work?

  2. I’m flattered. You have to be patient though, I have a work overflow and the heat in Norway right now is knocking me out!

  3. Wonderful and interesting meme my dear. I learned something about you with this one!

  4. Well done! I Love your choices! 400 ball sounds like something we should try to reach with the cyber cruise huh? *giggles*

    And the soap’s name “Love of Life” is sooo me 😀

    Rolls Royce is (one of) my dream cars and potatoes is my favorite veggie!!!!

    So it’s like you really did this one for me… *lol*

  5. GC

    It disappoints me that is all Dan Quayle will be remembered for. I’m sure he made some great policy or something.

  6. Ah! ah! always tagging! I was too! But finally I’m happy cause we learn always more!

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