Making stamps

Looked SO easy at Sharon’s…so why don’t mine give me that same effect?


Working on a board book and 2 tip-ins for Swap-botch. reklam.jpg The Princess had the school closing which is always a big deal here, but she wanted to be blogged to show off her frizzled hair that only took me 70 minutes to blow dry and flat iron the curl out of that i could have gotten the same effect if i had braided it while it was wet….Is that a run on sentance?avslutning1.jpg

 LOL!  Have a great weekend!  A little camping and soccer in store for us!



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9 responses to “Making stamps

  1. lol, she has some pretty hair!!!

  2. Gina Gina Gina, your stamps are fab…u…lous. And so is the board book. Thanks for the shout out. On my next post, I’m sending folks to see your stamp. Good job good job.
    Oh yes, your princess is beautiful and inspirational.

  3. Yaw’ll are certainly family…too kind! ( Ad: that hair keeps me up at night!)

  4. Nice! And the hair? Well that’s very pretty too. I am scared for what is going on with my daughter’s hair. As small as she is she runs when she sees me with the hairbrush and you see how short her hair is now. What will become of me when she finally has some length to it? Trouble trouble but you did a wonderful job on hers.

  5. A marvelous hairdressing you made to the princess!
    And a patience: 70 mn! but super result!

  6. Princes look great – thanks for sharing!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend too!
    Btw: Thanks for you thumbs up on my Slow Food post – I knew I could count on you:-)

  7. Beautiful job on the Princess’s hair! (Oh please God let my daughter not require 70 minutes of my time to do her hair… I KNOW I don’t have that kind of patience – I’d wind up shaving it off!!)

  8. Hey there! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    I love yours, as well!

  9. Okay, braiding while her hair is wet is what I need to do for DD. She has been trying to get that curly/wavy look and we had not been able to figure it out. So glad I read this.

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