We’re off to Idre Fjäll!


The big top is going on the road to the mountains!  It is about a 6 hour drive for us and because we have to take all of the “animules” and carriers and bowls this is more like a never ending week…We have almost total daylight now and in the mountains there is even more.  The stuga is in an area where The Hubbs’ family are situated together so you never know which uncle/cousin you may bump into.  Lord knows you have to fika with each and every one of them when you do, so pray you don’t bump into anyone,lol!  The  weather prognosis is not too great, but we are ready!…as for sleeping:

Length Of Visible Light: 24h 00m

I will be taking my Ipod, some knitting, sheer curtains to cover the kids at night from mosquitios and an extra box of my favorite red wine…I have a pair of overalls and my scrapbooking bag is already packed.  The kids want to know why I have so many bags.  It is because Mommy has to pack the other things you guys forget:  groceries, shower soap, bath/bathing and fishing equipment; first aid supplies and some books and toys in  the event of rain and or cabin fever. 

I’m thinkin that one box just may not be enough for a whole damn week…:). vino.jpg

 I hate pickled herring and schnapps both of which are a requirement for midsommarafton.  That box sure is lookin mighty small right about now ( It’s better to have and don’t need than to need and don’t have)!



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12 responses to “We’re off to Idre Fjäll!

  1. Enjoy dear on your lovely outing

  2. Ha that is sooo funny, and sooo true…we are going camping next week and I get to haul the toiletries and whatall that we’ll all need (I make a list…shower kit. First aid kit. Bored bag (coloring books and stuff). Etc, etc.

    Hm. Maybe a box of wine would be nice too. Couldn’t hurt, ha.

  3. Cheers 😉 Sounds like a tough week to me… *S*

    When you get the time, there is a wedding post on my blog:
    Swedish Wedding Bells Tells that you might enjoy 🙂

  4. Can’t wait to hear about the trip!

  5. What a nice week! I adore camping and i have not do that since several years! Chance you have! I ‘m waiting news about your expedition!

  6. Reminds me of going off to the family cabin on Camano Island in Washington State. We had to take so much stuff with us. But now that my kids are grown and gone and the cabin is sold I feel very nostalgic about those holidays.
    Enjoy! Life goes by very fast.

  7. Sounds like great fun – hope you have a lovely mid summer night too!
    Please keep us posted:-)

  8. GC

    have a great time
    you certainly aren’t skimping on the traveling this year

  9. I have tagged you for a meme, “Things you don’t know about me yet,” on my blog. Take a look.

  10. I knew you were the same person! 🙂 I asked you on your other blog if you were Rachel, but after going back to my post and seeing the comment, which led me here…you’re Regina. If I’m all confused my apologies!

    Thanks for supporting my Dear John letter. It’s comforting to know that my openness with such a tender subject was recognized and supported. Blessings…

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