There is no vacate in vacation…

vino1.jpgAnybody ever gone to the mountains in a 70 sq ft cabin with massive mosquitos/deer flies, a 10 week old puppy; an evil cat; 4 kids; bad weather and a husband that likes to fish…?  I think I am alergic to children.  It has taken me a while to figure this out, but the more I try to avoid them, the tighter they cling.   The kids fought like insurgents; they complained the entire time about how bad the weather was, how they wish they had bought : electric guitars/amps/game boys/ bicycles…etc.    I try to explain that the purpose in going to the mountains is to enjoy nature and they say “nature is boring”.  I ask if someone will watch babygirl for an hour so I can go for a short walk ( read: lock myself in the bedroom and take a nap) and they all jump up and want to go with me.   So much for being alone.

I need cheering up.

It was hell, people, sheer hell…


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5 responses to “There is no vacate in vacation…

  1. sounds like it!!! gee the nerve of them wanting to walk in nature when nature is boring…i think i would have had to point that fact out…bwhahahaha

  2. My sympathies. The solace of red wine is something that I remember from those times. In fact, it got to be too much of a solace, and I had to give it up.

  3. Oh my.. I am sorry that your vacation wasn’t much of a vacation!! It’s sort of unfair and makes me want to institute “mommies vacation”.. wherein we don’t take husbands or any children.. we leave and don’t come back for a week.. in such time where we do what we want, only take OURSELVES to the restroom, and drink all the wine we want 🙂 It seems that the family forgets we are on “vacation” yet momma is still expected to perform her daily job without any real assistance from anyone else.. ugg.. pass a glass of that MY way!!! LOL

  4. The next time you send the children in a holiday camp and you go just for you in a balneo center with massages and all… Nothing else than take care about you.
    claudie who begins to understand the life!

  5. I hate those kinds of vacations!

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