digital scrapping reference needed

I want to learn to digital/hybrid scrap and can’t afford to buy Photoshop due to the high cost here in Europe.  Can anyone recommend something with a trial that is easy to understand and follow.  I cannot figure out brushes to save my life and don’t want to invest in something I won’t stay with.


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9 responses to “digital scrapping reference needed

  1. craftygallinda

    Have you looked into buying an older version of it? Also, there is a website called that had free trials on different programs. Maybe you’ll have luck there.


  2. Thanks! I will check on it!

  3. You dont need to buy it. You just have to download the trial and look for a crack or its serial number.

  4. Have you tried it’s free!

    Btw: Your more than welcome to visit my new blog home:-)

  5. i got something for you i think…let me see

  6. Sorry, no help to be offered from me about scrapbooking, that is something I yet has to explore.

    How about having some birthday cake to celebrate Gattinas birthday and have a look at some Art?

    The Deli Art Strandskogen Cafe

  7. There is also They only accept new registrations on Fridays and you can get full programs there. You will need the bittorrent download to use it and really good virus software. I got photoshop through there and haven’t had a problem with it.

    Da Duck

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