Busy AND visiting friends….

I am managing to get in at least 2 hours a day at my craft desk!  I LOvE making my own stamps, thanks to Sharon and the ones that I first did turned out to be my favorite!   roseatc.jpgHere is an ATC that I did using my original design ( ahem) stamp and there is an Altered Book Cover that I need to keep under wraps ( since I don’t know who the recipient is)!  I am working on my first chunky book swap and this seems to be going better than the wonderful altered book I sent out into the world and some loser stole it…sigh I need anger management about that book!  I just can’t seem to let it go!  I worked so hard on it only to have the 4th person on the list ( whom I never knew) drop off the face of the earth.  I have offered to pay to have the book sent back to me, but alas…Never again.

On a brighter note, I have only 22 days till DAYCARE!!!!!!! YIPEE!!!!!! I will be home alone just like in the old days!  I cannot wait until orientation starts.  sarahjane.jpgLook at that face!  She is such a sweetie, I could just love her all up, but after a while even the love begins to be tried…Never fear, daycare is here!   Do I sound psyched? 🙂

I’ll be sight seeing and waiving to all of my friends this weekend!  Hope all is well for you…PS…Adrienne:  I am a layout behind and have not cast on anything…I so suck sometimes, LOL!


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10 responses to “Busy AND visiting friends….

  1. Well dang, your stamp up there is beautiful. Would be my favorite too. And that sweet little face is beautiful too.

  2. Hello!

    I am soooooooo impressed by your atc … it’s really beautiful.

    Awww … and what a gorgeous photo of your little girl. She’s such a cutie! 🙂

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I really appreciate your comments.

  3. Thanks so much, ladies! Sharon At Norah’s was my inspiration to even try and make a stamp! I scored several seat underlägs as they are known here ( foam seat cushions) for about a dollar and 40 cents and have great plans to continue making my own! Thanks for helping me find my creativity!

  4. psyched? not at all. Even a cybercruise man can understand your thrill.

    Have a most wonderful weekend.

    PS. Sitting at RennyBA’s table – and he is of course present. (Did you see our posts about our meeting?)

  5. Psyched? not at all. Even a cybercruise man can understand your thrill.

    Have a most wonderful weekend.

    PS. Sitting at RennyBA’s table – and he is of course present. (Did you see our posts about our meeting? In Mariestad)

  6. Howdy you!!! Oh your girlie is SO sweet! Those little cheeks and that button nose! Mmmmwwwahhh!

    I am laughing at your childcare comments! I stayed home for the first year when my daughter was born. When I went back to work, I was SO excited! Not because of the income but because that meant I would have an hour to myself five days a week. I was extremely anti-social because all I wanted to do was to go out to my car and just absorb the quiet. Quiet can save a girl’s mind! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the sympathy! This is harder the second time around! I wonder how women like Heidi Swapp do it with 7 kids?

  8. oh hell that’s even worse i thoughtheidi has 5 kids….but none the less 5-7 when you talking that many what’s a few more….plus she has nanny’s…aghhh wouldn’t that be the life….

  9. Great stamp! I like Sharon/Norah’S site too and she’s great about sharing her wonderful how-to’s.

    As for that adorable babyface… Oh… wish you were closer. I have Nana experience and it’s just going to waste.


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