You may want to read this…

I was link surfing and found a blog (ME) that lists that if you type in a telephone number into GOO%le, your home address will pop up.   I tested several relatives, ( one that thought he had an unlisted number )and it truly does work!  This is kind of scarey considering what kind of info kids devulge to each other and or through cyperspace.   There are options about opting out of the information available as well. 

Dang?  Is NOTHING sacred anymore?



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3 responses to “You may want to read this…

  1. I don’t understand – isn’t it the same as picking up an old fashioned phone book?

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog.You have some great photos uploaded at flickr,thanks for those too! lol,I downloaded a few 😉

  3. Hagit: My concern is that if a perv talks my child out of her phone number, or sees it written in her jacket or something, he can then trace the child to the address! That is insane!

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