My first rip off on Ebay.

I am quite offended.

Normally I shop Ebay weekly with no problem getting what I have ordered.  Last week, I bid on an auction for eyelets ( don’t ask me why) which was for 30 packets.  I also ordered metal key embellishments.  The packet was paid for on 3 July and it arrived today.  I have never been so disapointed.  There was a packet of fiber, a small packet of buttons and a bag of colored paperclips… which means I did not get what I paid for.

Now, I realize that Sweden seems to be a remote kinda place, but some of us are transplanted here…We came from the big City that Never Sleeps so we tend to know our way about town, even if it is not our town.  That being said, I wrote the seller and pointed out that there was a $10.30 overcharge on the shipping and that fiber buttons and paperclips do not constitute eyelets or brads in my atelier.   I  then offered to mail the items back to her ( this is the brad warehouse of the internet, folks!  No duplicates, and only high quality items). 

We shall see…



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17 responses to “My first rip off on Ebay.

  1. Oh no! something similar happened to me this week. I bid and won a tote-ally cool tote – you know the pink ones with lots of place for pens and such? and I got 6 small packs of ribbon- no tote. The seller closed the store, and isn;t replying to my email. I’ll open a dispute, but I have a bad feeling about this. 😦

  2. Yikes!
    I hope that this is not a trend…Where else will we shop?

  3. GC

    I had a similar problem. But my item just never came on time. After 2 weeks beyond the estimated delivery date and 1 week without response from the seller I filed a claim. Got my money back.

  4. GC

    oh yea, that was on, the ebay company. I say file claims.

  5. Holy cow. I’d still be spittin’ nails from the time I opened the package!

    Bunny hugs,

  6. Oh no. Woman, if you wanted eyelets I could have gotten them for you. And rest assured you would not have gotten any buttons or paper clips! I hope the seller responds in a timely fashion and fixes this mistake!

  7. I filed a claim with paypal today. The seller wrote me back and said the $10.30 was for gas, lables, bags packaging etc…I told him if his product is priced so that he cannot recoup his “cost of doing business” that is not my problem…I am burning mad! Almost as mad as when my first altered book went missing!

  8. Don’t you hate cheaters! I’m glad you are getting after these people.

  9. GC

    The seller actually had the nerve to respond after he failed to send you the correct product?!

  10. Sadly, I gave up on ebay after two bad experiences. There are a few liars and cheats who spoil it for the genuine people! Hope the correct stuff does eventually turn up.

    Oh, and if you email me your address, I’ll get a tube of gel in the post to you:)

    And, oh again, lol, the trays I use for my papers came from a scrapping site in the UK. I’ve had them for about two years now. I’ll see if I can find a link for you:)

  11. Hey sister!!!! I always wished for a long lost one, and now I have found her!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my bloggy, once I have time I will have a good browse through yours girl!

  12. ohhhh sista…..ever since that lady took my 280.00 for the cricut i never recieved i steer clear of ebay…learned my lesson

  13. I’ve sold and bought on ebay and the only bad experience was from a woman who wanted her money refunded because the little girl’s dress I sent her was navy, not black (it said navy in the listing). I refunded the money and let her keep the dress. I’m not selling anymore…Canadian postage rates are so high, but I met some wonderful people along the way. I hope your problem gets resolved…there’s nothing like putting out the money first and then receiving something completely different than what you paid for.

  14. GC: I am putting all of my experience ( from watching Law and Order) behind me on this one! How was the wedding?

    Paula: Thanks so much and I will email you ( fingers crossed for the link!)

    Micayla…Need I say more? We were seperated at birth, LOL!

    Greta: you KNOW we are joined at the hip and WHAT??? You got taken for 280? *falls dead in a faint*

    Barb: I sent you an email!


  15. That sucks girl 😦

  16. so did he ever explain why you got paperclips and not brads?? I have no clue how in the world he got those confused.. also – ebay has been cracking down on people for overcharging for postage – perhaps you should file a complaint on ebay for that.

  17. oh man – that is AWFUL! i would be furious! (i emailed you btw!)

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