Anyone got any sunshine they can spare?

bathing.jpgThe weather is really bad.  Every day is overcast or rainy.  The kids have a pool  but it too cold to swim.

Most of the neighbors cars are parked in their driveways, but no one is home.  Today, I actually had to walk to the bank.  The Hubbs took my car and I cannot drive a standard shift.  We have 3 restaurants in town and 2 pizzarias  2 of the 3 restaurants are closed for 3 weeks vacation. 

The Princesses’ best friend went to Spain for 2 weeks.  Where do these people get all of this money to travel?  Color me stupid, but I could not imagine packing up my Roadshow and taking it out to Greece or something for 2 weeks?  Times have changed.  My kids are officially deprived.  Damn shame.

Number one son wants a new telephone.  He is working with The Hubbs as is Number 2.  They are out there on their grind learning the intricate details of landscaping.  They come home smelling like mildewed socks, eat then want to sit down.  After a while I ask ” is the bathroom cleaned?”

No. 1:  Mamma, I’ve been working all day!!! I’m tired!

Me:” I can appreciate that, but I really need you to stay on top of your chores in the house.”

No. 1 ” But I worked with Pappa.”

Me: ” That is not my problem. That is your side gig…this is the one that pays your allowance”

No. 1: ” Well, I don’t want to be paid this month.”

Me: ” Cool!  But you know the rules.  The job has to be done regardless of whether you receive allowance or not.   (*sidebar= the original agreement allows them to get 3 x’s  for a bad job or having to repeat it….After 3 strikes you still have to do the job, but you receive no pay for it.*).

No. 2: K: I will do your jobs for you in the house and Mommy can pay me!

No. 1 : Ok…Mom: is that ok?

Me: I don’t care. But you know that the summer bonus is in effect…?

No. 1 :  I forgot!!! Hey K2!  The deal is offf!

Me: Now just wait a minute, you were quite cavalier and cocky 2 minutes ago, now that No.2 took over your jobs, you want to renig? That is not fair…

Now the twins are arguing  about who can do what and who does a better job. 

Competition is healthy, as long as the bathrooms get cleaned.

Kids are SO over rated.

I feel bad because I am one of those moms that dosen’t believe the sun rises and sets with mine…They are entertaining at times but Lord, I am SO counting down to their departure!



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12 responses to “Anyone got any sunshine they can spare?

  1. Hello!
    We stay at home this summer too. No beautiful travel. More kids grow up and more they need money for all! I think you have a good system with them : if they help you at home they receive money! I will do it!
    I give you an award! You should have a look in my cabin!

  2. You can have some of this sun over here. We are dying for some overcast days and rain. I am glad I am not the only one who can’t drive a stick. I am doomed if it’s an emergency and the husband has my van. Doomed I tell you!

    My husband has already started bribing the boy and giving him money for his piggy bank. He uses it to get an occasional sugar free lollipop or hotwheels car. It’s funny because anytime he asks me for things when we’re out, to prevent any screaming I tell him mama has no money. This week when I told him that, when we came home he fetched his piggy bank and offered me some of his money. Let’s hope he continues to be so kind and generous. 🙂 I know off topic, sorry

  3. You know we are in our vacation home in Mariestad and have the same unstable weather. Today we’ve had partly cloudy and around 20, but quite windy.

    I just loved your conversation – so typical children:-)

  4. GC

    overcast days are great for taking photographs?

  5. There is never a topic here…thoughts come and go…that is why I visit all’ yall

  6. Renny: My kids are a piece of work…

  7. oh so funny, and OH so true……i tell my kids, Do what we did and GO PLAY OUTSIDE! No you can’t have a Wii! Roar!!!
    hee hee…

  8. We too are having a really bad summer so far, it has been all rain and not much else!
    Well the party has started, I am on my first vodka, woo hoo!!
    I know what you mean about the holidays. My mate at work has been to spain once already and is going twice more this year and poor old me has not been away for 6 years in Oct! Dang I soooo need a holiday!!!
    Have a good weekend girl!

  9. I hated those no-show summers in Germany and Switzerland. Do you have spas and such where you can go to warm up?
    I wish I could send some Hawaiian sunshine to you. Hawaiian music could help.

  10. Yes, kids! I remember the days. Now that I’m a Nana I can love ’em and leave ’em back home. That’s truly the best of both worlds.


  11. Damn kids, I tell ya! LOL
    So you want some of my ephemera? We can do an envelope trade…

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