We are about to become adults…


We’re looking at buying into the Svensk dream….A STUGA!!!  (Better known as a cabin to all us Yanks!)

Now when we want to go on vacation, we pack up the kiddies and drive 5 hours to our little piece of paradise, complete with mosquitoes from hell,  a drop off the back edge that would make Evil Knievel shudder  AND the ability to pick moss for $2,000 a month!  YEE-HAW, baby!!!

Meanwhile, I was able to track down some lovely stamps from Paper Art$y…They were a tad on the expensive side, but boy are they lovely!stamps1.jpg That was a one off, so I won’t be spending 11. euros again..but they did have a nice freebie included!  ( see the upper right hand corner!)

Then there was my always present muse in print, Sharon who got me looking at all the lovlies I have been saving for “something” and turning them into stamps…Jeanette gave me this hawt tin bracelet and the next thing I knew…the heat gun was out and warming some foam…stamps2.jpg and BOOYAH!!! a short and a long version!

Last but not least, I was reading an article at Lisa V’s Go Make Something and realized I could crank out some smoking paper from some scraps I had been saving forevah!  It is called serendipity paper and basically you sort out scraps, glue to a piece of cardstock; stamp on images ( some of which I embossed on…) then cut that baby into bookmarkers or small squares , tags etc….serendipitypaper.jpg.  My camera won’t let me upload photos either from the card port or from the cord…I smell “a stinking teenager tampering with software programs to make room for something stupid on the office computer“… tampering. 🙂



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13 responses to “We are about to become adults…

  1. The Serendipity paper sounds good! Thanks for visitning my blog!

  2. thanks for your visit – gonna use those stamps and goodies for some mail art?

    xox – eb.

  3. OH you go girl! You made sOmeThInG out of noThInG! My favorite thing. And your new (foam) stamps are way cool. So is your bracelet. This is called ART on the brain.

  4. A Stuga of your own? Woo-hoo! We enjoy having a get away place. When all your necessary stuff is in place it is SO easy to just jump in the car and go there.

    Those foam stamps are terrific. I saw Sharon’s idea but haven’t managed to do anything with it yet. I don’t normally use stamps but the idea that they are “originals” really hooks me in. Be sure to show us how you use yours.


  5. A read Stuga – yeah, that’s a dream come true. And if bad weather, you can play with your stamps. LOL.

  6. Aha! A stuga! Wonderful! I hope you get a fab one 🙂

    ((Summer hugs from Fårö))

  7. En Stuga – sounds wonderful – would love to have one too!

  8. Oew these stamps just ROCK!

  9. Love those stamps, and yes it was a Hambly trans on my layout the other day!
    Hope you are having a fab weekend girl!

  10. OOOH a cabin on a cliff, how romantic! (you, um, don’t sleepwalk, now do ya???) well that is cool anyway. And the paper project, oh I love it! I have to DO IT!!!!!
    ack…self control slipping away…must…make…CRAFTS!!!!
    hee hee enjoy your new getaway!

  11. ooohhh – i love your stuga! such a PERFECT color of red! i am LOL at your description of it! 🙂

  12. Congrats on your cabin! Awesome. Now I have a place to stay when I visit! 🙂

  13. A Stuga! How exciting!!!! And I’m incredibly envious!

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