UPPTAGEN! ( busy)

astrid.jpgNo time to blog…please go and visit some of my friends on the list and say “Hi”…it is always nice to meet new people!   I will pop in and visit but please don’t feel obligated to return the favor… ( I’m lying, everyone wants to be missed!)

This is Astrid Lindgren, author of the Pippi Longstocking books and several other famous writings here in Sweden.  She is part of my altered book on “Ladies with something to say”. More to come.



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6 responses to “UPPTAGEN! ( busy)

  1. Hi honey! I hope you are well. As you know, I have been dealing with the death of my friend. I will pick up Harry Potter for you soon!

  2. Yes, Astrid Lindgren was the very BEST! I just adore her works. How on earth could hse make so many different stories with such a fantasy when being grown up herself?

    *shaking my head in disbelief*

  3. Hello!
    I don’t know the writter you speak about! So i will wait your future post to know more about her!
    Have a beautiful wednesday!

  4. No doubt Lindgren was the very best and Pippi has always been my favor – she acted like a Viking you know 😀

  5. I loved Pippi Longstocking who doesn’t!!!

  6. Love this Gina! I used to watch Pippi Longstocking cartoons with the children.

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