I have two personal blog friends Mrs. LIFECRUISER and DALLAS PENN that have been nominated ( by moi, of course) and need as many votes as possible to even begin to compete with the normal media suck ups that follow the normal regular blogs…  Mrs. Lifecruiser has already taken the precaution and nominated herself, so that means I can nominate my friends! 

Please stand for something ( or you will fall for anything), register and vote for them…My second nomination ( which must be a crafty spot of course!) will be…drum roll…….

My online muse and inspiration, SHARON at NORA’s

Thirdly and lastly!  My favorite SEESTER!  M I C H E L L E!

SURF ON by and nominate yourself and I will vote for you as well!  Thanks!

PS::: RENNY and his fantastic Nokia camera are also nominated as well as the lovely Claudie.



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10 responses to “*WE NEED VOTES * YES I AM SHOUTING; LOL!

  1. What a lovely way to support good blogger friends and thanks for plugging me too!

    As soon as I find your profile at BtF, I’ll fame you of course and everyone who returns the favor will be listed on my BTF post of course!🙂

  2. Great support of you!!! A true cruiser you are 🙂

    Butt how do I find YOU there? I wanna vote for you too!

    You’ll find my BTF profile here:
    Captain Lifecruiser

    Wanna have a peek with London eye….?

    London is for your feet as Lifecruiser ship has anchored at Thames….. *giggles*

  3. ‘ello ‘ello, what’s all this then? Thank you SO much my buddy, my pal!

    I wasn’t sure what to do but I see our blogging sisters have added some links to their posts so I’m gonna go check it out now…

    Thanks again Gina! YTB – your the best! 🙂

  4. Well hey, I don’t know about this so now I must go blogging (oh darn) and figure it out. Thanks. I love the shout out of course.

  5. You are on BTF too ! Nice ! I will find you! and vote for you and friends! I come back from Sharon who did a beautiful work with children! I think I will find thousand ideas on her blog for my pupils!

  6. Linda

    Hi! Thanks for the comment. 🙂 I actually got the bingo card from justprintsomething.com from the free printables. I know Lisa Vollrath runs that site and has made some changes to it but check it out.


  7. Have I answered your question if we’re interested in Fulu fjäll photos? The answer is YES of course 🙂

    I’ve put it up under coming events with no date yet. Let me know in advance which date you plan to post it, so I can advertise it in advance – more will come back then.

    I’ve not been to Fulu fjäll, so I’m very curious!

  8. Michelle is your sister!? I didn’t know that!!!
    And NorahS is sooooo amazing isn’t she!

  9. GC

    think you could help out your readers and explain what it is you are talking about and drop in a link?

  10. DUH! Sorry, Since I am not in the running I forgot everyone does not know…!

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