Day care is for the parents…

Little did I know that I was expected to care for my child in the daycare center for the first 8 days… She started last wednesday and the bill for a half month came today…

One of the twins broke his bike frame at a cost of replacement of almost $400 !!

I just started the first wave of clothes for BTS which includes rain gear and wellies for both girls…

I on the other hand received a rave review from the coordinator of our fat book swap!  I was wondering if I should have sent it to the U.S. for binding ( I don’t have a machine although I want one, see the aforementioned reasons :).  I was quite happy about that and don’t officially have to change anything!   This is my first chunky book and I wanted to send something I would be proud to receive! top.jpg  I would have not known what a chunky book was, let alone participated in a swap had I stayed on the wheel in corporate usA.  I can not only smell roses but I have planted a few.   I have hiked the fjörds,  camped without toilets and learned to create art with out the high end papers, pens and accoutrements available. 

I guess I did learn something at school today:  Gratitude.

Ps.. my bestis friend Jeanette gave me a small stereo for my birthday and it went on the putz.  The kids gave me a portable stereo/radio for Mother’s Day…two weeks later it also went on the fritz.  J had this fabulous radio that was all pink and sorts and I have always coveted that baby…so what did I do?  I bought one! prod_39943.jpg. WOO -HOO!!!!

Lastly, if you are looking for a quick but fun read…Pick up  America the Beautiful by Moon Unit Zappa ( yes, daughter of Frank!)  It is SO funny and  laugh out loud good.



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9 responses to “Day care is for the parents…

  1. GC

    how’d she like the daycare center?

    Is radio really that good there? In some places radio is no good anyway. In NY as you probably recall, it’s great for background noise.

  2. Daycare is good! For both of us! She does the separation cry in the beginning but with the distraction, the rest is a much needed rest for both of us! Come Monday, EVERYBODY is back in school!

  3. Tomorrow we will stop on my blog with the cruise at the south East coast of the UK. You are heartly invited to join !

  4. Cute radio!

    What a BIG book you have there!

  5. After a busy few weeks, it’s good to be catching up on everyone’s summer happenings. Good for you…you bought more than a radio, you brought music into your life (not that you didn’t have it before, but you know what I mean). I have no idea how to sort or send beach glass to you. I have huge jars of it all over the house…containing the tiniest kernel to large chunks. Do you have something specific in mind that you want to do with it? Let me know.

  6. GC

    is it monday yet?
    perhaps you are already off to the spa
    ta ta

  7. fauve

    Oewwww i want that radio,so awesome 🙂

  8. I want to see more of that chunky book. Since it is doubtful that your are going to send it to me (big grin!) then would it be possible to see photos?

    My paper art is all about using scraps – found or free stuff. I prefer the challenge of that to buying sort of mainstream stuff. I’be been showing some scrap art on my blog – have a look.


  9. tania

    I found your other blog! howdy! cute radio.


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