While you were away

frame.jpgThere has in fact been some craftiness going on! 

  Jeanette (my Gayle), was kind enough to redo my display of ephemera that I did as a present for my mom.  It came out totally fantastic and I just have to show it to everyone because I know my mom will love it!  I tried seven ways till Sunday to do a better shot, but it will have to wait until I remove the glass to photograph it.  These are all things that have some memory or significance to my Mom’s era and or life, including pictures of her parents and stuff!  Sorry for all the wack photos…but WP is not offering me the option to display the mini version and I am trying to manually adjust them…I also resized them in MS but alas…

Then: art-mail.jpg My first art mail arrived!  I was SO happy!  I loved the envelope and actually forgot to open it because I was displaying it proudly for all of the family to see!  IT was full of goodies goodies.jpg and I was so excited to see it in person!

The Chunky Poetry Book is complete and packed for mailing…As I have a better chance of seeing Jesus than the recipient reading my blog, I will post it in it’s deliciousness! 1front.jpgLAST but not least The fantastic project is off as of tomorrow!  My tribute to having “me” time as inspiration for the mail art!envy-2.jpgenvy-back.jpg



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6 responses to “While you were away

  1. Your Mom is going to love her memory box. It is so beautiful.
    BTW, don’t worry about a comment on each of my post. Becasue it is OK and I LOVE that about you. Please do.

  2. holy shit batman…u crafted…you make me so proud

  3. Aww, that’s a really sweet gift for the Mom!
    By the way, did you hear? I made it to the post office on Friday.
    Just thought I’d say it again cuz I’m so dang proud of myself.

  4. Yes, Greta, there is a God.
    Smoochie? You left the heavily gated community to venture to the PO!? WOW!

  5. WoW!! your ephemera is beautiful.

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