A pox on our house…literally.


Here we are, 3 weeks back to school and the kids have chicken pox. 

 I kept seeing these little prickly bumps on  the small one but I could not be sure…It never dawned on me, it was the pox.  I am sure that we contaminated everyone up in the I’m from the era where they were large and watery  blister like thingys and itched to the point of insanity.  I don’t  remember Benadryl or any such fancyness…If you were lucky, you got a little calamine lotion on a cotton ball.  There was no Aveeno extra oatmeal bath! ?   If you itched, Mom reminded you how your legs were going to look with sweatsocks and scars in gym class… We were real men and  you would slap the skin to avoid scratching and sucked it up!  None of this wimpy, ” Mom…can I have some more tea?   Is there any more of those butter biscuits….Can we have Jell-o “… 

I knew I shoulda ordered the Savior with the full rotating arms…I really need him now.

Sweetcheeks, all of them. ( thanks for reminding me of the image, Seester!)



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10 responses to “A pox on our house…literally.

  1. Suddenly I have the urge to scratch.

  2. christ woman you have me itching….

    do they not have the chicken vaccine in the land of hell?

  3. Poor you ! and that times three ! I already had enough with one !
    Please come over the Cruise stops in London/Croydon for a little walk ! I have been there in August. It’s a lovely place and better then Central London once you have seen all tourist stuff and museums !

  4. You know when my kids got them, the neighborhood kids all came for a party. A week later everyone (including me!) came down with chicken pox!!! I was not amused. But I survived and so did all the kids.
    Hang in there!

  5. There is a batch of homemade chicken and rice in the fridge and everyone is breaking my poor Aloe plant to bits!

  6. GC

    did someone say vaccine? I didn’t know there was one. I thought you had to have chicken pox or else risk dying of shingles as an adult.
    I remember my self-esteem took a really big hit when I had chicken pox in junior high. It was horrible.

  7. I had awful chicken pox, but my kids had it with hardly any symptoms. I fear shingles, which my mother had. They are miserable.
    Hope the young persons are better soon.

  8. Oh, chicken pox is so contagious! My sis worked at the children’s hospitals emergency where they did get in kids with pox and they had to antisepticize the whole place afterwards so not everyone got it.

    I got chicken pox as a teenager, not fun at all, which left scars even though I got it mildly.

    I hope it get better fast 🙂

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