The mail made it! Things finished.

1front.jpgThe altered book swap went well and was graciously received!  This was a fun, but time consuming project but live and learn! envy-2.jpg RAK’s went out to Tel Aviv and Canada and one to the States…I realized that I had purchased 2 copies of  an altered art book from Amazon, so I sent one off and a Signo white Uni;  some other things to help thin out my excess stuff and a lots of little odds and ends ( my personal favorite!) .

The chicken pox kids are wearing me out!  Everyone is almost dried out and will definately go back to school next week.

 stamps.jpgThose stamps that I made by heating old seat cushion foam ( I believe they are sold for gardeners knees, too) became not only the ATC backgroundroseatc.jpg but I started painting the suitcase a white and will be stamping the rose pattern inside ( camera batteries are dead and recharging so hang on , lol!)   And that altered book I had been working on ( Thank’s to Sharon and her kids project AND for the stamp idea!) is FINALLY finished! dsc00449.jpg It was only 8 sides, but it takes me a long time to work out patterns and backgrounds.  I just don’t have a natural artistic groove like others…or maybe it is the twins sucking out all of my brain energy chasing after Kung Fu uniforms and bike innertubes.  These are the first 2 sides using some old celebrity playing cards, vintage french post card pix and writing on the back and an interesting envelope that had postage stamp mounts on it.  The cool thing is that you can embellish as much as you want, the book dosen’t have to close flat.

Have a great and artfilled weekend everyone!  We are off to the cabin to drop off some things we purchased but as soon as the school begins monday, I am back at my desk ( I hope)!   Lastly:  Does anyone recycle mailing envelopes?  I feel so cheap painting and decorating over them, but it seems like such a waste to purchase “clean” mailers when they end up being decorated anyway.  Just a thought…


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7 responses to “The mail made it! Things finished.

  1. Yes! I started recycling envelopes as well. hey, isn’t that “mail art”? so why feel cheap about it? Take a look in My flickr set – it’s so cool – you just slap down some paint and glue stuff, and you have a new and interesting envelope. It’s environment-friendly, too! 😉 Have a great weekend.

  2. You had wonderful mailart on Flickr! I also loved the photos of your grandparents wedding!

  3. Oh yes your book is grand. You do seem to have a way as far as I can see from over here. That stamp. Don’t you just love it. I do.

  4. I love that you’re recycling mailing envelopes 🙂

  5. Elizabeth


    Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to view and post a nice comment to my blog ( I’m new to blogging and didn’t know any other way to thank you.

    Incidently, I love your recyling efforts.

  6. Gina,

    I accidently deleted your nice comment about my tip-ins. I tried to go back and approve it, but it was too late. I am so not liking this blogging experience!!!

    I will add the shaving cream technique to my blog. I am SO sorry I deleted your very nice comment. I was in my e-mail and I was sure I click on publish, but didn’t.

  7. Gina, you realize so nice things. I don’t know very well these technics but it seems very interesting!

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