Some of the insanity that is available here.

Normally, prices don’t scare me but since we purchased the vacation cottage ( that sounds SO much nicer than the Swedish word: Stuga ( stew-ga) which means: cabin). 

Take a look at this refrigerator.  fridge.jpg   39,000 swedish kronor for what?   That is $5,794 dollars, but then again, it does come in red or white… I left a  green 2 door ice and water serving model in the house when we moved out from NJ 5 years ago…Little did I not know that we would never be reunited with a refrigerator door serving cold water and icecubes…sigh.

I cannot tell you how many times I purchased Calphalon cookware and ended up taking it back, because I could not really cook well enough to justify the expense…well guess what?    Now I can but a caribbean blue Le Creuset for only 1,149 kronor or roughly $170.72  .  It is available on Amazon dot com for 79.99 pot.jpg.

I was logged on to Golden Paint and was buying some black gesso, medium gel and heavy gel along with 5 tubes of acrylic.  I get ready to check out and bingo.  They only ship to America and Canada.   Dick Blick wanted  45 dollars to ship 44 dollars worth of product…I could go on, but  I need to chauffeur the car to a birthday party. 

Last but not least…there is my wishlist item the Robo Craft machine and the works…only going for a measly $533.00 with out the spare parts…

Craft Robo carrier sheet
Carrier sheet är den som du kan sätta fast ditt papper på. Förpackningen innehåller 2 st ark.Pris: 145,00 kr


Craft Robo cutting mat
Skärmattan är den svarta tejp som sitter fast på maskinen där kniven skärobs! tas hem på beställ…
Pris: 135,00 kr


Craft Robo extra kniv
obs! tas hem på beställning
Pris: 250,00 kr


Craft Robo maskin, ny version
Plotterskrivare med kniv istället för bläck. Skär ut vad du vill ur papper. Mer information finns på…
Pris: 3.500,00 kr


I heard a song, ” This is why I am hot”.  My version is ” This is why I drink”.



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10 responses to “Some of the insanity that is available here.

  1. I’m really impress! It must be very intersting to have all that in a kitchen! As I hope to remove, fast all are in cartons! Thanks gina to visit me and say so kinds words for my poor Félix. I’m really touching. I was so sad now I become to get better just I hope never live another such situation.
    Have a beautiful week!

  2. Well then! Just peeking through on my way to visit the Wizard… I tried to sneek over to you-know-where, but the Jesus Jams were freezing my puter. Weird, I know. For real, someone else had some Jesus playlist on theirs and I couldn’t get their page to load for me either. Pretty much thinkin’ Jesus is playing a virtual game with me??!?!?!
    bwaha. Night night!

  3. SMOOCHIE; you are messin with Archie!

  4. GC

    wait, wait, are you sure you want that le creuset from AMAZON? I’m sure you can find one at Marshalls next time you’re in the states for a LOT less.

  5. i am still waiting for those things you wanted to go on sale…now heres to hoping i can find the email i printed out somewhere in this mess of a purse when it does

  6. Far out, that’s some mean looking fridge there. An expensive price point always makes me gawk, but i’m grateful my husband went for $180 over a frying pan. It’s about 7 years old and still rock solid/flat, improving with age too. Looks like it’s going to last us for a few decades, probably beyond my own death. The price tag of it doesn’t seem so insane to me now after an experience like that. I’m sure it would’ve cost me as much (if not more) to buy numerous cheap ones that kept dying on us for the same period of time 😀

  7. I can see $180 for a frying pan taht I will use 5 times a week if not more and dosen’t warp and need to be replaced every year…it is almost worth it…but $5,000 just to have ice and water at the door, when they are available for less than 1,000 in America is crazy! I met a pilot that purchased one in America then shipped it to Sweden and rewired his electricity in the kitchen to 110v…

  8. GC!I am certain that it can be purchased for less…The point is that Swedes will pay this and more just to be able to say that they own it!

  9. GC

    Americans are no different
    hello, Manolos?

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