se.gifOver the summer we had the time to do a little exploring in the area where we purchased the Stuga.  FuluFalls is one of the most famous sites for hikers in Sweden and is located in Dalarnas Land.   The Falls just became a national park in 2002 in a dedication ceremony hosted by the king of Sweden, Karl Gustav  XVI.   Sweden is divided into  21 “regions”  and 290 “counties”.   It is quite complicated in a land mass the size of California with only 9 million residents ;  But that means that we have more “space ” per person than many other places. 

idr1.jpgThe park is situated just over 30 kilometers from Särna ( Sar-na) and it covers over 380 square meters.  There are lots of pine forests over all and lots of  very undisturbed natural areas.  It is  categorized as a biotope: … literally an area where life is living. More precisely, biotope is an area of uniform environmental conditions providing a living place for a specific assemblage of plants and animals *.idr2.jpg  For us that means the area is left in it’s natural state for the purpose of public enjoyment and preservation.      In the park’s central core, no activities are permitted which might disturb the character or the experience of nature. Elk-hunting, fishing, and the operation of snowmobiles on designated trails are permitted in certain sections of the part. Lakes are treated with lime for the benefit of fishing.  idr3.jpg   It is prohibited to break branches, uproot plants or otherwise disturb the area.   There are hikeable mountains and even with a bad knee it was doable for about 30 minutes.  The highest point is Slohangflöjet which is almost 1,044 meters high.    The waterfall is named Njupeskär idr4.jpgand is one of the most popular sights in the park!  There are several great photo locations but the closer you get to the falls.  My husband  and I describe it akin to a jet engine roar.  You can literally feel the power of the water as it hits the earth.  One of the most fantastic things I have ever experienced.  idr6.jpg

My son went near the bottom about 5 meters away and his clothes began to balloon and I was certain he was a goner…He said the power of the fall was magnificent.  I would love to go back and go closer but I’m such a chicken, I think I like the view just fine where I was! idr10.jpg

* per wilkipedia


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18 responses to “VÄLKOMMNA TILL FULUFJÄLLET ( The Fulufalls)

  1. Oh, great! I’ve read about Njupesk&aumml;r earlier of course, but never seen it. It use to be a question about it in Trivial Pursuit, one of the oldest versions, too 🙂

    Wonderful nature area indeed. OH, and that fall! *whistles* I love waterfalls!!!! They’re always so powerful but yet peaceful in a weird way 🙂

    I’ve updated my Friday post with a link to this post now too.

  2. A.

    Yet another place I’d love to visit. I could sit beside that stream all day and not be bored. There’s nothing like moving water. The waterfall too, but I think I’d be like you and stay at a safe distance!

  3. The roar of the water definately is loud but relaxing because it is a force of nature and not man made! Thanks for coming by and getting wet!

  4. Just throwing in a note that I’m going to post about Uppsala in my Sunday post 🙂

  5. Our vacation house is in the region Vestra Götaland you know and I’ve never been to Dalarna, so this was really lovely for me to see. Very much like Norwegian nature, but then again its not long from our border 😀

    Njupeskär water fall was just breath taking – thanks for sharing!

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  7. Waterfalls are so awesome! I love the mists in the pictures!

  8. it looks breathtaking!

    hey if you want to learn quilting – there are a BAZILLION links online if you google it.. and just as many books on the subject. Sane quilting I learned from my mom – crazy quilting I learned online.. but I had already done a lot of cross stitch embroidery.

  9. *waving at everybody*
    Renny! These were taken with my son’s telephone as the mist was so great, I was fearful of using my digital!

    Sword Girl, I just left your place, and love the blogskin!

  10. What a splendid park and place to walk around. The waterfall is very impressive. And look at the stone layers;D. Must be very interesting for geologists.

    Thanks for sharing this trip with wonderful pictures

  11. Wow those photos are stunning girl. Dont worry too much about getting that emial too me, I am in no hurry.
    Hope you had a fab weekend.
    Good luck for tomorrow, I got weighted on Sat and have only put one pound on, so not too bad.

  12. It looks breathtaking Gina!

    Just a Quick note re the gel. It works best if you use the hairdyer after, rather than letting it dry naturally. Let me know how you got on:)

  13. Ooh…this looks like a place we visited when we lived in Iceland!

  14. GC

    oh very cool.
    I like the way you describe the waterfall. I can’t think of a way to say how inspired i am without sounding totally lame so I’ll just stick with “oh very cool”.

  15. I is ok, GC, but until you feel the pressure on your body from the roar of the falls´, you feel like a part of the structure!

  16. The waterfall looks beautiful ! I am just back from 1 week holidays in Italy and are catching up on Cyber Cruise news ! My internet connection in Italy was so bad I couldn’t comment !

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