Thrifting Thursday…

I went into the city last saturday and held one of the twins hostage with me…

I drug his little behind all over the place and he wanted to go home so badly with his new Sony Erickson telephone…but alas, Mommy was on a roll and there were sights to be sought… First!   a lovely childs dictionary from 1945.

Then there were these lovely pressed flowers ( all the rage since Uncle Carl Linnea´ turned 300 this summer…

Then there were these lovely metal plates that I won on Tradera!  only $20 bucks!!!!  I am doing the Church Lady dance over these!   Then there was this old scale at the flea market on Thursday that I scored for $3.00!!! All I need is the weights and this was only 20 kronor but what the heck!? scale1.jpg

There is this lady called ” The Bulldozer” .(  Jeanette actually nicknamed her that), because we believe that she has a resale store somewhere in Stockholm and she sucks up all of the fine things in our little community so that she can mark them up and resell them in her store.   Anywhoo, it has become a contest of sorts to see if you can take something that you would not necessarily buy just to deprive her of it… That being said, she and her husband run around the shop gather up as much as then can then set it baskets with other baskets covering it until they have time to “sort” though it and decide if the item has  value to them or not…if you have an hour or so to kill,  you maybe able to outwait them so that when they get ready to put the things that they don’t want back, you may get something nice.   This is wrong on so many levels, but as a lover of vintage things, I find that torturing my spirit keeps it alert.

fallleaves1.jpgA tag I have done for the MMAN group.  We swap art every 2 weeks, through a challenge called the Weekly Uniquely and it is SO much fun to see what everyone is doing and share techniques for improvising and creating…I cannot believe that I had to move to another continent to learn about something that has always been a part of my life.  I dropped out of over 13 groups and mailing lists and the Bot-Swap is next.

I’ve still got one RAK floating around in America…or at least I don’t know if it has been received :(…  Off to visit other’s blogs! 



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7 responses to “Thrifting Thursday…

  1. Ah, lovely things indeed 🙂

    How about coming over and have some Rocket Fuel Soup? *giggles*

  2. Those thrift for sale people have to make a living I guess but it sure is painful when they are out and about.

    My favorite thrift to get books from has one lady who gets a shopping cart, loads up, sits down and uses her cell phone to go through each and every one talking to someone about the details and deciding which to keep.

    You still got that great scale tho…


  3. True, Darla, but powering your way through a tiny store so you can maintain your New York life style is classless and imposting for the rest of us…I forgot to mention that she used to return the things that don’t sell, until the owner got hip to her.

  4. GINA! omg, so glad you caught up with me! Thank you so much for your sweet blog comments! And as for your cards question, please email me and I’ll give you the lowdown, LOL: . I must be retarded cuz I cannot figure out how to email you. Sheesh! Anyway, so glad you visited me and commented. I have your blog address again now…got it on my sidebar list, like the old days before re-doing my blog ate all my wonderful friend links. Hope to e-talk to you soon, <3<3

  5. Great stuff! Love the metal plates!

  6. Hi hun! Thanks for visitng my site. 😀 Just so you know I ma hosting 2 tip in swaps. You can get to them through my swap-bot profile. One ends today or tomorrow I forget which. But I still have another.

  7. What lovely things and thanks so much for sharing it with us! Wishing you a great end to your week Gina 😀

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