I’m crushing… My First Crusade


This weeks challenge is CRUSHES:  Who or what does it for you?  What makes your pressure go up and gives you passion? 

One of my most favorite is blogging.  I always wanted to be a writer and blogging is pretty much as close as I am going to get to it.  I can communicate with other people and still maintain my privacy and distance if I choose.   Another thing that does it for me are old things  tea-4-2.jpg but especially cans.  dsc00552.JPG.  I had no time for looking at anything, letting alone breathing back in Joisey.   I met my bästis friend, Jeanette because she made a card thanking our employer for taking the staff out to dinner.  That card blew me away and I KNEW that I wanted to learn to do something like that.  Luckily her english was great and we hit it off immediately!  I was then invited to her home where I saw ” the room”  that is affectionately known to us as  ” The Pyssla Palace“.  palace.jpg    Check out the warehouse she has going on in there!  This room is certainly one of my crushes!   As anytime we spend in there is guaranteed to be fun, productive and entertaining!  J is most certainly one of the most artistic and talented people I know and I am proud to call her friend!

art-mail.jpgMail Art… I don’t know where I have been but I received my first piece of art mail last month, and I am in love!  I even saved the envelope and forgot to open it because I loved it so much. Here is my most recent delivery!mail.jpgThis beauty came from Susan and contained several lovely items that I purchased from her Etsy shop!  If you are looking for wonderful hand crafted with care items, PLEASE check out the shops on ETSY.   These folks are realy talented and if you want unique professional and affordable, please support the artist through their individual shops.  ( Can you tell I heart Etsy, too!?).   Then there is my off the chart radio prod_39943.jpgwith the fantastic stereo sound that I can plug a memory stick into or  MY IPOD!!!!!!  I just have to be conscious of turning down some of the stuff, LOL!

Last of all I crush all of the friends that I have made out in the cyberworld…I want to have a party and invite all of you to visit as just the contact with you has enriched my life immensely!  I am learning to trust my artistic spirit, take risks and enjoy the simplicity of my life.  For that gift of creativity and hope, I will be eternally grateful.



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9 responses to “I’m crushing… My First Crusade

  1. gina – thanks for joining in the crush crusade! i am digging that radio! i crush on blogging too – have met so many cool people. so you used to live in jersey but now you are in sweden? how did that happen? great to have you on the team.

  2. Hey, Michelle! I am happy you stopped by and visited!

  3. Your delight and enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you for sharing your world.

  4. I agree with you blogging is great ! I finally can write and people even read me. As you I always loved to write, but it’s not very fulfilling if it’s only on a paper on your desk. Now I am really happy and made it to my hobby. Time I have enough now, I am not working anymore.

    BTW I take the cyber cruise to the Garda Lake in Italy today, so if you want to join us …

  5. Well, you know I love blogging too, and old things! So glad the gel worked for Maya:D

  6. Paula is the Patterned Paper Princess and she sent me a miracle gel for my daughters hair!
    Gattina is one of the tainted Life Cruisers and I love her french accent!
    Jodi is a new friend via the Green Pepper Press! HOLLAH!

  7. I love your crushes. I seriously need that radio.

  8. Hello Gina!
    Thanks to visit me! I can say that I adore blogging and that I adore old things too! But I have just a little time to practice my hobbies! I’ll be on vacation the 27 th october!!!Cool! isn’t it?!

  9. Love your friend’s scrapbook room!

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