It’s international Cinnamon Roll ( Bullar) day in Sweden…

b1.jpgOK..I’m a day late but  so what!

First you make the dough.  We like cinnamon and raisins in ours…

Then you roll it out and make sure that you  brush the middle with melted butter and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on it.

b2.jpg  Then you roll it up into a log. b3.jpg

Then you slice it. b4.jpg and lay the slices in paper  baking cups  like so….b5.jpg . Cover with a clean cloth and let rise for 30 minutes and bake at 250c for 6-10 minutes…when I use the convection fan, it goes lots faster…like this…b6.jpg.  Can you smell them?  Click for the larger screen salivating version!

And you thought I was just a pretty face! 🙂

Have a great weekend!



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13 responses to “It’s international Cinnamon Roll ( Bullar) day in Sweden…

  1. To me it looks like what we in Norway calls Shillings boller (named from earlier days when our currency was daler and shilling) and they taste just wonderful. I use to bake them myself when I was young, so thanks for the reminder!

    Btw: Thanks for your Høst report from Sweden. I wish you a wonderful end to your week 🙂

  2. owww those looks just delicious.I luv my favo Sanrio character Cinnamoroll 😀

  3. Renny: of course we had to put our little spin on it!, lol The ´Swedes use cardemon but I haven’t developed the tate for it yet…cinnamon and vanilla work just fine for us!

  4. Fauve: Cinnamoroll is my fav too, next to Hello Kitty!

  5. You have a Cinnamon Roll Day in Sweden? I may have to move!

    I learned early in life to like cardamom. My Swedish Grandfather would frequently put a whole cardamom seed (or two) in with the ground coffee when he “perked” a pot. Don’t know if this is common there or just his own idea.


  6. Oh yum Gina, I love cinnamon rolls!!! Looks like we’ve both been busy baking:)

  7. My lord, Gina, those also make good-lookin art! I was smellin the cinnamon, I promise!

  8. Ahhhh…. Yes I ca feel the smell…. and the good taste too. There is nothing like home made cinnamon rolls!

    Thank you for the congrats on my birthday. Sorry for being late here to thank you personally and not only by my post on my blog, but you know the problems I’ve been having….

  9. mar

    Ohhhh,what a pleasant baking aroma!!! what a treat!
    Just like your comment on my blog, thanks for the bday wishes, I am still celebrating 🙂

  10. OMG! I’m hungry now. 🙂


  11. GC

    those look awesome.
    One day I will try that.

  12. Those cinnamon buns look so yummy! Can’t wait for the Internet to develop smell technology LOL! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting … I’m very happy with the colors I chose for my afghan … they are looking so good together!

  13. Ok bitch, you need to send some of those to the States, please! 🙂

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