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(Everything about me is wierd.  Just ask Jeanette…)

1) I like to see what Jeanette is throwing out in terms of garbage.  Since I branched out into Mixed Media Art, everyone’s garbage is mine for the tossing.

2) I don’t post 90% of the things that I create or scrap.  I am too busy looking at other’s blogs to update mine.

3) I have had the worst luck with dentists!  I lived in the dental chair in High School and College but have managed to spend over $10,000 usd in the last 5 years on crap that has broken and or not worked.

4) I used to be a “consultant” for one of the larger scrapbooking companies and took all of my inventory with me to Sweden when we moved here 5 years ago….  It turned out to be  the biggest mistake I ever made in my life!…products and designs have changed…and now I am stuck with it… I also worked for one of the largest airlines in America and had the privledge of traveling the world.  The most beautiful place I have ever been: ( not withstanding Hawaii and NSW Sydney ( which also got my vote for the worst food;(    was LaJOLLa California…when you are coming up the cost on the hghway ( was it route 5?) and see the ocean on your left and The Mormon Tabernacle on the right, you can hear the angels sing…

5) I love to exchange paper and ephemera with people all over the world.  Most of the times I will send them something extra to fill out the cost of the postage envelope from here in Sweden.  I have spent almost $400 this year on postage just sending out RAK’s-something The Hubbs does NOT need to know.

6) I love paper.

Old vintage, post cards, scrapbook, news, asian, encyclopaedia pages…dosen’t matter. EVERYday, I make something/ glue something or alter something with paper.  I save scraps and sort them by color and often make collage sheets to use as backgrounds in my journals or scrap pages.  I don’t plan on being around in a hundred years so I could care less if the papers last or not…I had fun doing it!

7) I feel like I “know” lots of the people that visit my blog and vicariously care about them, their funks and their drive/ (lack of )motivation when it comes to creating!   Blogging is such fun and the world is really so small when you have something in common… That being said…I so want to use phot0sh0p and would someone be kind enough to send me a “loaner” copy?  I promise to send it back…I want to see what the fuss is about because I cannot digital scrap to save my life!

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God’s Child

Renny’s BA

Mrs. Life Cruiser


Don’t hate me people



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  1. This is my bestis friend, Jeanette. My sister from another mister. She is the closest person to me in this world and I covet her taste and supplies, lol!

  2. Oh, lucky me, I’ve already done this meme earlier:
    7 things about me meme

    About the spoky sound: sounds like you’re not having the needed plugin installed to play the sound. Try install the Quick time plugin.

    About the place the button in the sidebar: I’m not sure right now how you do that on a blog. I may figure that out, but not today. Remind me of it later if I don’t come back to you about it. I have a very bad memory…. *giggles*

  3. ANy excuse is not ok, Captain! I know you are hiding some more wierdness from us…

  4. Hey Gina- I don’t have your email address, but now you have mine so you can send me the joke!

  5. I have a ton of that direct selling scrapbook products too. Now I find it thrilling to take that stuff, alter it and make it look trendy and new…folks are shocked when I say remember that old xyz product, well that’s it. But like you…I give alot of it away…especially to newbies:)

  6. Ok, I did your stoopid tag, woman. Not hating you….but annoyed much? ROFL Ugh, the things I do for my friends…..sheesh! M-wah,xcxo

  7. You know you love me Aimes!

  8. GC

    a tag. Okay, I’ll see how it goes with the random facts.
    I agree with you about feeling like you know people. Sometimes I want to reach out to them more but don’t want to be weird.

  9. Amber Dawn

    Thank you for the FRESH AIR Gina!!!


    Thank you for visiting my blog!

    Amber Dawn

  10. for the record…I DO so know you, hehe. And LUB you xoxo. Your tan may be a hella better than mine, but we are a lot alike in many respects. I think the main one is, we dig each other. Wouldn’t trade that one for the world (plus, this way I know somebody in Sweden, ba-buh-buh-boom!) ROFL

    Just wait til you see my post for Saturday (when I get it posted…you really should sleep first). Later, J-gurl.

  11. I agree with you about knowing people through their blogs. You know if your ass was anywhere near me we would be partying our asses off!

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