The return of the Prodigal child…

What a trip.  The only saving grace was that I had my scrapbook supplies.dsc00505.jpg  dsc00507.jpgThis is the view from the edge of the mountain right off of our parking area. view-from-the-side.jpg That is Idre Fjäll in the background.  I cannot WAIT for summer to sit out there with my glass of red and the worlds largest mosquito candle!

The drawback was that everyday, there was someone there wanting a cup of coffee… The term fika has never been so over used as it was this week.  Why don’t people understand that sometimes vacation means, doing nothing? 

Why don’t my photos want to resize?  Here is a glimps of the skinny book pages I did.dsc00546.jpgdsc00545.jpg

Been visiting some really interesting blogs of American women living in Europe. 

I am behind on two swap projects and will be taking an online jewelery class, so I need tools!  Off to surf!

PS…it snowed this morning…dsc00580.jpg



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13 responses to “The return of the Prodigal child…

  1. Loving those skinny book pages Gina, just fab!!

    I’m so with you on the ‘coffee’ thing, except mine was ‘tea’ every morning in the hotel, no one could wait to go down for breakfast:(

  2. The best vacations are doing nothing!

  3. Hey girl! How are ya? I’m tired, LOL. Too much to do and too old to do it all. Well, just checkin in, hope all is well. Laterz, xoxo

  4. The skinny book pages are super. I clicked on the pics so I could see the details.

    Off to get my OWN coffee, LOL!


  5. Thanks, for stopping by and NOT asking for coffee! LOL!

  6. Thanks for visiting and leaving those kind words…I really needed that boost! I’m trying to read your blog but for some reason, I can’t get it to show the full page. I’ll work ont hat and get back to you. I hope you have a wonderful day and you’ll be hearing from me again soon!
    the lab

  7. GC

    what’s with all the demands for hospitality?
    Next time make these people help themselves and be sure to prevail on their hospitality next time the opportunity arises.

  8. oh god girl is that a penis with snow on it???
    bwhahahahaha cause that is what it sure looks like…better tell per when it snows he need sto get his ass inside….bwhahahahahahah

  9. Hey hey hey! Guess who! I’ve missed your silly ass 🙂
    Remind me again that you need my what? address? Are you coming to visit? heh!
    That last picture looks like a HUGE manly crotchenis! I was so… overtaken with awe that I forgot to look at the rest of the pictures!!!

  10. Hi – I saw your comment about wanting a Bam Pop Polariod Stamp. I’ll need your email address to send you an invoice.
    Sound good?


  11. Hey all of you perverts! That is an umbrella that has not been put away because the owner was expecting a few more sunny days…forget it…:P

  12. I have for years tried to figure out from where the Swedish expression “fika” does origin. For me it’s strange to think about it’s to drink coffee. Or is it as simple as coFEE put into a verb? coFEEKA.

    The silence and sounds of the Nordic forests and mountains are a wonder

  13. Pat S

    Hey Gina…I’ve been missing you. Where did you go? Just saw your name on a contact list on a group…now I can’t remember the name! Did you ever get to the States? Last I heard you had to cancel. So glad baby girl is doing well. Take care…..oh, and I love, love, love your skinny book pages! I have to laugh at your ’empty nest dreams’….everyone has them but not all are willing to admit it! : )

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