My WISH list….

h2.pngFor some reason, kids think that because you are an adult, you can buy yourself something anytime you want, because

 A: you have a wallet

B: checks for a checking account or

C: god forbid a credit card

I have tried to teach my kids the value of a dollar but it seems to have escaped them.  I bought the 3 oldest a pack of gum.  It was a roll of bubble gum, maybe a yard long.  I saw one container in the trash after 2 hours.  I then heard the youngest accusing the oldest of stealing a piece of her gum.  Then comes the meiser twin who unwraps his “saved” pack and begins to chew with too much relish in front of “all gone” and “been robbed”.   ”  Momma!!!:  Make him close his mouth!     MAAAAAH!?  We can’t hear the tv!    I begin to mentally count down the time left before the empty nest happens.   Normally Swedish kids get candy on Saturday…why did I deviate from  the rules?  

I caused this eruption. 

I must pay pennance.

As an act of contrition, I decided to think about myself for a minute….What Would Gina Do if she could?  I would buy ( if I could find!)

  • A set of Metal Stencils at least 3″ tall
  • Tim Holtz distressed inks and pads
  • HOW TO books from the hottest mixed media artists!
  • The worlds largest jar of UTEE ( how did I live with out that stuff!?
  • LOTS  of those lovely large blooms and papers and bling fróm Prima ( who recently jacked reorders up to $200!)
  • MORE of the lovely American Crafts papers that the Patterned Paper Princess got me hooked on!
  • A portable die cutter/embosser…The electronic ones are still being offered at over $600 usd here!  Some one must have a sizzix or something they want to get rid of!

Asking for forgivness is really cleansing.  I think I will do it more often, bwahahaaah!



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10 responses to “My WISH list….

  1. Again you make me smile, laugh, & then crake-up with your “raisin kids” family humor.

    That’s raisin as in raising…not raisin as in dried grapes

  2. Hey girlie,
    That blue polka dot paper is from Making memories, I think it is called Sidney. I am not 100% sure of the range but it may be anthopology or something like that!!!
    Funny post, it sure cracked me up!

  3. HAAAA haaah haaa oh wow do we actually have the SAME KIDS?!?!
    Sometimes I can’t help but think so! Do you ever buy just one of anything? (Gum, shiny pencils, chocolate bars)?? I have to get 3 of everything or prepare for the War of the Worlds. It is just not worth the DRAMA….

  4. The paper ‘I’ got you hooked on!! Lol, I should ask AC for commision:)

    As for the bickering kiddies, I have those too, empty nest time seems a long way off!

  5. Sharon: they are dried grapes, but I will be damned if I let them drain my juice, LOL!

    Thanks Micayla for the lead!

    T: They are truly the span of something ugly…The one of something theory does not work here, because they ALL want to use the ONE thing at the same time!

    Paula: If I had not known they shipped internationally, I would not have purchased it, eh? That makes YOU responsible for my addiction! LOL!

  6. Haha, the last thing I bought was a packet of Alligator Eggs – in fact chewing gums. In Everglades.

    When my kids was young, and asked for “yummies” when shopping, I was brually enough to spoke ou loudly: Papa has no money for these kind of things. Your father is a poor man.

    After two times saying so, they never asked again. But allway were very pleased when I brought home some sweeties med-week.

  7. Maybe that’s why I don’t have any kids. It’s all the chewing gum buying I couldn’t get used too…. *giggles*

  8. I have to admit that the last thing I bought for myself was a pair of shoes.

    Teaching them the value of a dollar can be tough.

  9. Hi Gina !!
    oh myyy !! you are such a funny chick !!
    heyy…and i try teaching my kids the value of money too…by giving them $2 a week, don’t what it is but …it failed. they keep it preciously for the first few days the….it’s everywhere on the floor, in the lounge, as something not important. grrrrrrhh !! so the money is back in my purse !! …will try again later !! 🙂

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