Life is in the way of my art right now…

desk.jpgI am going to bed early so that I can get up and blog tomorrow. 

Sorry I have been so bad on the updates, but the 3 day hospital thing really wiped me out and I have not  recovered…



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9 responses to “Life is in the way of my art right now…

  1. i have been wondering where you have been!! get some rest

  2. All the best. And keep on blogging. You are an inspiration to me and my daughter, who have decided to start scrapbooking!

  3. Hope things are getting better with your daughter, hopefully she’s feeling alot better.

  4. Hope you slept well and recover soon !

    Today I take the Cyber Cruise members on a convoy through the Egyptian desert, so if you want to warm yourself up join us !

  5. Hello, I’ve just found you and will take a bit of time this afternoon to read your whole blog -I have enjoyed what I’ve read so far!

  6. Hope all is okay with you Gina:)

  7. What a beautiful desk display, I understand there is some good crafting going on there? Loos so inviting!

  8. One of my favorite quotes a friend wrote to me is ,”Isn’t it strange that sometimes Life–the very thing that fuels art, can get in the way of creating it(art) sometimes?
    I love your voice!
    the lab

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