Creative spirits should not be expected to work…just create!

At least that is my defense. 

Since sweets are so expensive here, I normally bake cookies and cinnamon rolls and freeze them for the kids and unexpected fika-ers.  This time of year we bake a bread called Lussekatter which is eaten on the fest of Santa Lucia, the 13th of December.  It is made with flour, saffron, yeastvetebrod.jpgand all those other things that make us suck up extra calories during the cold winter months here in Sweden.   I am sure there are recipies in english you can google if you are interested…Our family version eliminates the cardimum used in holiday treats, halfs the sugar and substitutes vanilla and cinnamon instead.

I am doing Christmas Fruit and delicatess baskets for one of the local businesses.  This may seem like an easy task, but lets think about hauling thousands of tons of fruits, cheeses and oils around in a warehouse that is about 40 degrees… Did i mention that they sell about 5-600 units in the 4 weeks before Christmas and guess WHO they expect to set these babies up so that they look like they are worth the small randsom that they charge for them ?   sigh…no wonder my creativity is zapped! 

I finished another 26 pages for a skinny book at The Altered Abby.   I hope that they are a nice addition.  Someone had to leave out and I volunteered to hop in at the last minute.  Once I had them posted, I found the half pound of embellishments that I had been looking for to use on them…oh well!  BTW!!!   Chrysti the owner, just had an article published in this months Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, too!  Let’s see if they are ok then, I’ll post a picture…

Baking oatmeal raisin and pecan cookies today.  What is wrong with me?   I just cannot sit still and be grateful for nothing to do…not like there is not laundry calling my name or dusting…both of which I do on a emergency basis on a Sunday. 



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12 responses to “Creative spirits should not be expected to work…just create!

  1. craftygallinda

    That’s a good idea..baking and freezing for last minute drops ins and treats. Do you have pictures to post from the skinny book? I know I’d love to see and I’m sure others would too. I’m thinking maybe after the holidays to have a swap of my own. Not sure what…tee hee…but something possibly. I’ll let you know.

  2. Hi Gina, which book will this page go into. # 2 I hope I hope. That’s the one I’m in.
    Your Christmas Cooking treats sound so wonderful… fatting. I swear I must get rid of the 4 pounds from Thanksgiving before Christlmas gets here. I need some pie…choc pie in the worst way.

  3. oh hell no girl…we can’t be freinds if you do all tha baking and cooking and substituting this for that….


  4. we baked yesterday too…chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, our favorites!

  5. GC

    Happy baking
    I read somewhere that when you are busy with work you should still squeeze in creative pursuits and hobbies. It helps your mind somehow.

  6. Check you little miss domestic!!!! I bake a crimbo cake and that is it! I am going for crimbo dinner at Steve’s Parents this year so no cooking for me, yay!!!

  7. Yum! All that cooking sounds delicious!

  8. Hope all is well with you Gina.

    Just stopping by to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. I hope you have a great few days!


  9. Happy holidays to you in the I presume frozen North.
    Aloha, Marianna aka “Hattie.”

  10. Just a little hello and I wish you and your family a merry Christmas!

  11. GC

    Hope your holidays are happy and safe. All the best for the new year.

  12. Happy new year girl! Have a good one.xx

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