Holiday Fun ( not)

xmas-goodies.jpgI am alive.


Why do I only remember Christmas holiday being the day before Christmas Eve and returning to school the day after New Years?  My kids got out the 18th of December and don’t go back till the 9th.   This is seriously cutting into my laundry/home alone/ crafting time…  I survived 2 weeks on a hard mattress, a broken washing machine and more coffee and tea than I have drunk the whole year.   The kids forgot the battery pack to the PlayStation so the Guitar Hero3 could not be played ( did I mention that I FORGOT said Guitar Hero in the bedroom closet because I was hiding it from the kids?) .  We finally all developed carpel tunnel syndrome from playing too much Yatzy so we broke down and drove 2 hours to the largest town and purchased a dvd player, some films, a microwave oven and lots of junk-food.   If there had been a Toys R US I would have liked to buy Life, Monopoly and  Trivial Pursuit, however…there were no stores as such and definitely no games that could be played in The Queen’s English.   There was lots of snow and there were sleds to use, thanks to mom’s pre planning.  I fell asleep before New Years’ day so the Asti Spumanti is still in the pantry, I forgot to bring it back…

We arrived home with a large bin liner full of dirty clothes and I am wanting only a glass of wine and a shower, not in that order.   The kids finally watch the new Harry Potter movie and the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 when I remember the Guitar Hero.  They are SO pumped up and this is even better than Christmas.  They rip the wrapping open only to find out it is the wrong version…it is for PlayStation 3, in which we have 2 of number 2… They immediately start to scream and hop around because they think we have purchased the NEWER PlayStation to accommodate this game…NOT!


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13 responses to “Holiday Fun ( not)

  1. I wish you would post a little more ofter because you always make me smile so with what you say. I got my Skinny Book and you were not in it. I was so hoping you would be in #3. Next time I guess.
    Thank for visiting over at my place.

  2. GC

    hmmm…kids until the 18th
    how would they like to play a little game?
    “We’re all grownup and have to do our own laundry”?
    They could even make up a song.

  3. GC

    oh yes, and happy new year and welcome back

  4. You all kill me! Thank you for even stopping by! HUGS!!!!

  5. After reading this post I’m glad your alive after all – so hectic!

    Belated Happy Holiday and all the best for you and your family in 2008!

  6. Phew! That sounded to stressful! I hope for a much better 2008 for you 😀

    WELCOME to:

    Start The Ship Party!


  7. I refuse to play Guitar Hero because I know, I just KNOW, I’d get hooked. I bought Hoop an air hockey table for Christmas. We played one night until my arm went numb. Then I couldn’t lift it more than two inches from my side the next day. I was completely useless at work. 🙂

  8. Well, you had an exciting Christmas! 😉 There was too much of everything I see, but just think someday the house will be quiet, in order, and with everyone gone. Enjoy these times as crazy as that sounds. Have a great 2008!

  9. PS 2 or 3 – what a mistake – LOL – but I understand the kids: Mom, you are stone age

    – Happy you all survived in one whole piece each. LOL.

  10. I’ve never played Guitar Hero. I know if I did, I’d be HOOKED! So for now, I just play my handheld Yahtzee! Happy New Year!!!

  11. I hope you feel better by now and wish you a “delayed” happy New Year ! I invite all Cyber Cruisers to the Ice Sculpture Exhibition I saw in Brugge. It is really very fairy !

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  13. Happy New Year, girl! Finally makin it ovah here to post. I’m so lame.

    What happah 2 u? You are all ofa sudden an awesome humorist with an atitude! Love it! Don’t stop!

    Oh man, hospital? What for? Hope you are feeling better now!


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