This blog is not abandoned… I simply suck

I promise to update tomorrow!

My sister just left today (sob) and babygirl’s asthma is acting up…



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5 responses to “This blog is not abandoned… I simply suck

  1. What a great title for your entry, LOL. Got my attention!

    I now have you on my google reader and it lets me know when you have updated. I will admit, I was a bit shocked that it said “1 new entry” – but hey, how often does your sis visit? Hope that asthma goes away quick!

  2. GC

    oh! So now we know what’s been keeping you–You couldn’t go to America so America came to you and you’ve been partying it up and neglecting your gentle readers.
    Well, the party’s over! Hope it was fun. Cheers!

  3. Oh I love it! Hilarious! Eight words that say it all! I’ve stopped by to see your site a few times since finding it on Hattie’s blogroll. Your life sounds CRAZY busy! Where, oh WHERE, do you get the energy??? Anyway, this time I had to comment. I couldn’t pass up that glorious title and to tell you I feel the pain! 😉

  4. Sorry for not being in touch. The best way to get a hold of me these days is through Ravelry. And which book?? It has been a while. 😦
    Bunny hugs,

  5. lol.. I know the feeling.. I used to blog 2 or 3 times a week .. now I am lucky if I think of one thing a month..
    maybe its because we have life getting in the way 😉

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