24 hours in America

dsc00718.jpgYep, thats right…We get to fly in on Tuesday and out on Wednesday.  I barely have time to see my mom, siblings hit the craft store and a supermarket before it is time to get back on the plane…The state is insistant that we be present before the court to finalize the custody of my niece… Who am I to complain?  They are paying for the ticket…I will spring for a rental car.  Maybe there will be time to go to the Manhattan Deli…slurp!



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8 responses to “24 hours in America

  1. Hope it all goes well for you!

  2. Peppypilotgirl

    Good luck!!

  3. Oh best of luck to you with the hearing and have fun with your SEESTER!!!!!


  4. girl that is the shits….no getting to go to the craft store…that is just unexceptable

  5. Good grief what a trip. I bet since you know all the places to go….you can do it. Court, Family, Craft and Food. Go girl

  6. Whoa, on the taxpayer’s dime? Don’t let Fox News get a hold of that, girl…hehe. Safe trip!

  7. Can’t think of a worthier cause!

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