I have lots of things going on…

 I have been a Zne Supporter forever, but never logged on to the site.   Yesterday, I found the most amazing folks there and I have not been able to stop checking in and seeing what is going on! 

I participated in Hold Dear’s Mermaid Swap and received the most beautiful alltered lunch box and mermaid items!  Of course said photos are on the MIA camera, but you can imagine! 

Extended the stay in the US for 7 additional days and had a blast!  I had 5 suitcases to bring back, a stroller and a cranky little girl who FINALLY gets to stay in Sweden!  ALL of my bags were overweight ( who knew that the baggage allowance went from 3o kilos per bag down to 23?  EVERY hardside bag on wheels starts at 8 kilos, so that is kind of unfair.  Anywhoo with a sleeping baby and a skycap that was trying to encourage me to repack my bags and distribute the weight…I agreed to pay what ever it took to get out of  Dodge. Plus the check in person was not the nicest person to me, but I figured, she would need me someday, I was on the proverbial high road…   The “someday” turned out to be at the gate as all of my friends that are still slaving away at the airline decided to not only upgrade me, but gave me the “wink and the nod” treatment.  The “not -so-nice checkin person looked like she was pleading with me not to say anything, but in stead I thanked her for her “help, especially when the baby was sleeping ( I declined to mention that she asked me go leave the line to “repack”.  Anywhoo, I ended up getting a refund of my excess charges, which would have made a serious dent in my budget, forgot one suitcase back at the house and had a serious hot Pastrami on Rye at the New York Deli, ‘cept the server forgot my pickles which almost made me tempt the security check- in cue once again and get them… 


Did I say that I forgot one suitcase, the stroller and 6 pounds of peanutbutter?


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8 responses to “I have lots of things going on…

  1. Glad you made it back and had a good time. I hate security and baggage check.

  2. Well I’m glad you’re home, even though it is sans peanut butter. 🙂

    S’wheat that you got upgraded AND got the excess baggage fees refunded. You must have some good ties there, girlie!!!

    Take care,

  3. 6 pounds of peanut butter, lol. You must like it a lot, shame it got left behind:( Glad you had a good trip though:)

  4. Sounds like an eventful trip! But a good one at that? 🙂 How cool that you got the fees refunded for the overweight bags. Glad you made it home safe!

  5. Well! It does sound all good.

  6. I haven’t eaten peanut butter in years. How much is 6 pounds in jars? Will you get it back? Oh well, glad everything else went well for you.

  7. Oh man, who can live without peanut butter. Did you forget it or did that mean old person keep it? Kill’um with kindness I always say.

  8. Glad you made it back okay, hope all went well!
    Dude I guess you love PB………..me too! I want some toast with it now!!!!

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