Blub Blub The Mermaid Swap Goodies!


I participated in the Mermaid Swap at HOLD DEAR and misplaced my camera  and could not post the photos…( ok, my desk looks like hell and I could not find it ) but here they are in all of their glory!  I received this fantastic altered lunch box wrapped with beautiful colorful tissue paper and this is what inside! mer21.jpg

  I was so happy with the wonderful things that I received!  FINALLY!!! A SWAP with quality participants!  I could have cried volumes over the tons of stuff that I have sent out only to be stiffed in return!  I gave up on Swap-Pot a long time ago…, but MIcHelLE is definately the reining diva of themed swaps!   All of the players were so kind and generous and the photos began to arrive on Flickr almost immediately.  This was definately one of the best things I have participated in and I look forward to getting my feet wet more this year.



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4 responses to “Blub Blub The Mermaid Swap Goodies!

  1. what a great swap return!! you are a generous swapper and its good to see you get that back 🙂

  2. I’m oooohing and ahhhhing over your goodies right now! I usually swap things like CDs. You can’t be too disappointed there. 🙂

  3. Dissapointed? Disappointed? Damn, why don’t these things have spell check? LOL.

  4. Okay…am I a dork or what?! I read this awhile back and could have sworm I left you a comment! Was I drunk? 🙂

    Anywho, SO very very glad you got good stuff in return for your generosity! I completely know what you mean that sometimes you feel like you get stiffed. This post makes me very happy!

    Hugs to you, sweety pie!

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