Reclaiming my space!

Ths was the best ever!I hav been working…well like someone that works REAL hard, lol!  The lack of snow really put a dent in our budget so I must get on my grind and make the doughnuts (translation :  I have to pick up extra hours to make up the difference and bring in the dollars 🙂 .

The twins turn 15 if they can live till the 23rd.  The little one will turn 3 the same day.  The kitchen is in a sad state of repair as I got a brilliant idea to put a curtain in front of the sink, but keep forgetting the correct size tension bar.  I cannot decide to paint or paper and should have left it alone until I made the choice…sigh.

I have committed to something arty daily, even if it is just to clean my space,  it is so cluttered, it is just not usable.  I joined a ATC swap on the bot, just to force myself to get back in the swing of things. 

Hope all is well with all of you and I promise to rejoin the living.The inside loveliness!



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7 responses to “Reclaiming my space!

  1. And I promise to do the same! 🙂 I have been busy with life and have even been doing artsy stuff but I’m feeling like I don’t visit my friends enough! And happy birthday to all your children!

  2. I have an idea they will all make it to the 23rd and Happy Birthday to them.
    ART every day is a good plan. Yes, you must. And in addition to that, you have to show us. OK

  3. I’m off to see the kiddies in Seattle and their kiddies. They live a very cluttered life, too. But it’s better than being some kind of uptight neatness freak. Creativity is messy.

  4. Hooray, I did wonder where you had gone girl. Nice to see you back in the world of blogging!
    Happy b-day to all.

  5. doing something artsy is good for the soul…and for fuck sake don’t paper…please paint!! thank you!! 😉

  6. I am with you on this post!

    Happy Birthday to the teens!

  7. love it! Happy birthday to the kids!

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